UNITED STATES—Nowadays entertainment is made readily available on streaming services such as Netflix with endless choices of movies and series to watch. However, it does not offer movie ratings such as IMDB or Rotten tomatoes.

Here’s our suggested list of the best miniseries on Netflix right now. The list includes shows that fit into the limited series or what most would know as a miniseries, shorter seasons than a traditional American show, and range from comedy to biographical.

So, if you are searching for something to stream tonight here are the best miniseries on Netflix:

<h2>Netflix Presents: The Characters</h2>

This is a choice for those looking to get all the benefits of laughing while being entertained, this miniseries has a bit for every taste too.

Eight comedians present a half an hour stand-alone show, portraying different characters, the format gives the creator a lot of freedom which results in a lot of laughs for people watching.

Keep this one in mind to relax and enjoy an easy night.

<h2>Planet Earth</h2>

World-renowned natural historian and explorer David Attenborough guide viewers through the 11 episodes dedicated to different biomes on earth and climate change.

Visually impactful and filled with knowledge, is a great watch for the whole family, teaching, and awning without being boring.

Get your popcorn, sit in front of a big screen to appreciate every view, and get ready to be amazed by your world.

<h2>When they see us</h2>

This impactful and powerful miniseries is based on the real stories of the Central Park 5, a group of boys who were wrongly accused of a crime.

It’s an emotional journey for the viewer and leaves an important lesson in justice and equality.  Be ready to be moved and shocked.

<h2>Black Mirror</h2>

You have probably already heard about this spectacularly accurate miniseries depicting several dystopian a few positive futuristic storylines.

The show even has a movie not, but the series format stands stronger because of it’s realistic, well-paced, and somber outlook of society and its handling of technology.

Few of the stories lack spirit but the best episodes can feel like a punch to the gut, definitely one to watch and re-watch.

<h2>Dracula and Sherlock</h2>

Both of these shows fall under the guidance of creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, who first achieved recognition with the success of Sherlock.

The pair have taken on the reimagining of two stellar works of literary fiction, accompanied by a clear and sticking visual style.

Either is a good choice for those looking for intelligent exciting entertainment but the famous detective may have a bit of an edge here.

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There you have it, a cheat sheet for your next binge-watching session!