UNITED STATES—You can watch live sport on many channels. If you are a sport freak, you should know about those channels so you can watch the game. Sports channels are those channels which broadcast live sports and when they do not broadcast any live sport game, they broadcast sports news and sports related programs which viewers like to watch. There are large number of channels on TV which you can get if you have cable services or if you have internet services.

In the past, you had to sit in the front of TV to watch your favorite movies, sports or news channels but with the streaming services, you can watch your favorite shows and sports anywhere, anytime. We are going to tell you all your favorite channels where you can watch your favorite sport.

Some of the most viewed sports channels are:

  • NFL Network
  • NFL Red zone
  • ESPN+

There are different cable companies who offer these channels in different packages like with TWC TV service, you get all the popular sports and movies channels and if you want the sports pack to make sure that you get even the premium sport channels, you can get that for just $5 and can enjoy watching your favorite sport.

Many people are switching to streaming services. Streaming services are cheaper than the cable TV service. You don’t get all the features with the streaming services but still if you are not a big fan of TV, you are going to love the streaming services. There are different online streaming platforms where you can watch live football game. Following are the streaming platforms where you can watch your favorite sports. We are going to tell the pros and cons of those streaming websites.


With the LaoLa1.TV, you can stream the matches for free all around the world. You also get the DVR service, which means that you can record and can even watch later. So if you are busy, you can record the match and you will never miss that. With the basic membership, the content is free but the premium membership will cost you $5 and you will be getting extra features like the ability to rewind and watch in HD quality.

Live Soccer TV

If you are a soccer fan, Live Soccer TV is going to be a great asset for you. You can stream live matches and can keep yourself updated with the current scores. The best part is its totally free and you can watch your favorite sport by just signing up.


ESPN+ is another live sports streaming platform that will provide you a wide range of sports stream. You can download the ESPN app on the Android and IOS devices. You can choose free or premium package as per your need. You will be getting free high quality streaming and it will be available on both web and mobile device. You can download the app on your smart TV and can stream your favorite sport. You won’t be getting all the big games but you will still be getting tons of ESPN content.

There are some other streaming platforms like Hulu Live on which you can get access of the local regular channels along with the sports channels like Fox, CBS, NBC. You can watch it on all your smart devices and laptop.

Summing it up

All the streaming services provide incredible benefits, but each streaming service has their own cons. If multiple users in your house are doing streaming, you might face issue regarding the speed. If the speed goes down, you won’t be able to stream or even if you’ll be streaming, you’ll face issue regarding the picture quality. Getting a cable TV service would be the best option to watch Live sports.