UNITED STATES—A new Project Veritas investigation uncovered alleged illegal activity in the campaign contributions of Texas Democratic Senate candidate, Beto O’Rourke.

Campaign workers have reportedly been seen using prepaid credit cards to purchase necessities for Honduran migrants traveling in a caravan headed to the United States border. Campaign workers stated these expenditures have been improperly and illegally reported as other expenses. Video footage shows campaign workers misusing funds to purchase items for migrants.

James O’Keefe provided video of conversation between Dominic Chacon, Field Manager of the Beto O’Rourke Campaign, Anapaula Themann, and a journalist that was undercover.  Chacon could be heard saying where the people would be staying, and that he was “going to get some groceries, rice and beans would go a long way, if they wanted to go.”

“I don’t mind breaking the rules,” said Chacon, I can defend any position.”  He also spoke of organizing rides for the migrants.  AnaPaula Themann, a field organizer of the O’Rourke campaign, responded:

“I think we can use those cards, those prepaid cards to buy some food. Themann and the journalist later shopped for food.  Themann informed the undercover journalist how they could say the funds were being used and that they could say the money was being used for something like a Halloween event, “Nobody needs to know.”

Andrea Reyes from the field campaign justified the campaign being used on food for the migrants because if they did that, they’d have more volunteers working with the migrants.  Chacon indicated they’d just submit receipts for the prepaid cards to the FEC.  The The journalist asked if think Jody, who is in charge of the campaign funds, knows?  She was jokingly saying, like the volunteers ate $200 worth of food yesterday.

“I know we are using some of the resources to help with the migrants. I don’t want anybody to get into any trouble that like I don’t want them to ask me any questions about using resources,” said the undercover journalist. Jody waved her off.

O’Rourke, who had not seen the video as of Friday, November 2, indicated that he was speaking with his campaign team to get more information about the video.