HOLLYWOOD—Now that the dust has settled regarding the Christian paternity debacle, it seems the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless” is focusing on bigger drama. First off, the return of J.T. was not only a welcome change for Victoria Newman, but several characters including ‘The Moustache’ himself aka Victor Newman. I absolutely forgot that J.T. was originally brought back to town courtesy of Paul looking to gather dirt on Victor. Yeah, Paul has gone after Victor in the past to no success, and that was primarily a direct result of his wife Christine.

Christine is still harboring a grudge for Nikki’s role in that car crash that cost her that bundle of joy. Paul has really put the pressure on J.T. in the past week or two; as a result J.T. may have stepped into a trap that is not going to end well people. Why? Well, J.T. decided to push a dinner date at the Newman mansion with Victoria, the kids, Nikki and Victor. Victoria was skeptical about the event, but decided it was best in an attempt to repair her relationship with her father after that betrayal involving Ashley Abbott.

Yes, Victoria is lucky that her father demoted her and didn’t fire her per Ashley’s request. If you’re going to frame someone for a crime, it might be smarter to cover your tracks so that it’s not so obvious. Back to the story at hand, J.T. decided to sleuth a bit while everyone was at the stables looking for anything he could get on Victor to stop Paul from constantly poking at him. He found a key, but anyone who is anyone knows Victor Newman always thinks several steps ahead of all his enemies and dare I say: he trusts NO ONE!

So while J.T. thought he covered all his tracks, what he didn’t realize is that Victor hid a camera in his safe and busted J.T. red-handed. Hmm, good luck on explaining this one J.T. because when Victor discovers that you’ve been working to take him down, I have the slightest idea what he will do. That sentiment is echoed double when it comes to his daughter Victoria, who Victor has already dropped hints that he does not trust J.T. So he’s giving his daughter all the hints that he suspects her lover is up to no good.

We’ve spent so much time chatting about the Newman clan, so why stop now. Nikki has been very busy, and I mean busy hooking up with Arturo, one of Nick’s workers. The idea of a cougar being drawn to a younger man is not as interesting as so many people would like others to believe. I mean Victor gave his wife a pass to do as she likes, but I still don’t think he’d be happy with the news, because her son Nick was not. Nick was baffled, speechless and bred more smoke to the fire by deciding to confront Arturo. It might be smarter for Nick to focus on what is going on between him and Sharon.

The writing was on the wall as soon as Nick moved back into Sharon’s place. The sparks were minor, but now they have started to intensify and both former lovers are fighting temptation in a major way, but even Mariah sees it, and good ole Phyllis who is worried Nick might be going down a dark path. Hey Phyllis, mind your business! You’re with Billy; let that be your focus.

However, Billy is not going to be pleased to learn that J.T. physically put his hands on his ex-wife and the mother of his children, looks like a death or potential murder mystery could be in the making. This is a very interesting plotline that the “Y&R” writers are traveling and I’m glad to see it. I mean J.T. had a tight grip around Victoria’s throat and he was ready to strike her. So this might make perfect sense as to why Mac filed for divorce: J.T. was abusive to her. The biggest concern now is who will Victoria tell about this latest incident? My gut tells me Ashley will be the first to learn and warn Victor, where all hell will break loose where, Victor, Nick, Billy and a host of others will be ready to take out J.T. to protect their loved one.

However, the biggest burgeoning storyline I want to discuss is the Hilary and Devon baby making project. Hilary is driven to have a baby, and after constant badgering to Devon, he has caved in. Yeah, that was not as believable as a viewer as I think the writers wanted it to appear. Hilary is giddy that she is about to get the baby that she has desired since spending time with Sam. However, there is a major thorn in Hilary and Devon’s so called ‘relationship’ and her name is Lily. Hilary is like the villain you hate, and when I say hate, I mean that; because there are things Hilary has done that are unforgivable. What makes things worse is she has been given chance after chance after chance and each time the next digression is worse than the previous one. Can she be redeemed? Maybe, but if so she’ll have to learn there are consequences for your actions.

Lily and Hilary are going toe-to-toe, so much so that Lily even cancelled Hilary’s insemination session. Not to mention Lily is hell bent on ensuring her brother realizes having a child with Hilary ties him to her forever, and the result may not be happily ever-after as he expects. I see Lily going down a dark path, and I must say I’m eager to see where things go cause it looks like it could be fun. Making things more interesting is the fact that Cane is willing to assist Lily in stopping Hilary from getting what she wants.

“The Young and the Restless” might have a stellar storyline on its hands involving J.T. and Victoria and as a viewer I cannot wait to see how this unfolds in the long run.