BEVERLY HILLS — On May 26, The Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD) Board of Education virtually met to discuss possible options to safely reopen schools for fall 2020.

The virtual meeting, which lasted six hours, was broadcast live. Superintendent Dustin Seemann was in charge of presenting the plans of reopening in which he provided three options.

The first option presented was to continue virtual learning, fundamentally the same at home learning system with which the students finished the remainder of the spring 2020 school year. This system would allow Beverly Hills teachers to continue to deliver material for the curriculum virtually until able to resume to in class teaching.

The second option is a blended model. This option allows BHUSD to continue using platforms such as Apex Learning, a digital curriculum, which assists teachers with varying the levels of instructional support to their students based on their learning. This system also suggests that students come to school in time periods. Half the class coming to school in the a.m. then returning home, then the other half coming in the p.m.

Lastly, the third option is to return to school with a “new normal.” This plan would have in person learning while ensuring that students are passing onto the next grade level. The goal of this is to ensure that what happened in March will not happen again and teachers will be able to decrease educational gaps caused by the pandemic.

The BHUSD made it clear that no matter the option they take to continue education for fall 2020, they will be following the guidelines mandated by the Los Angeles County Department of Health and the Los Angeles County Office of Education as well as following social distancing guidelines set in place.