BEVERLY HILLS—The city of Beverly Hills filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday, January 23 regarding concerns of Los Angeles County’s new Voting Solutions For All People (VSAP) touchscreen electronic voting system. Only four candidates will appear on the first screen of the ballot marking device, while additional candidates must be selected by clicking on the ‘MORE’ button.

If a voter presses the NEXT button without selecting ‘MORE,’ they will not see all the candidates in that particular race. The city of Beverly Hills is asking the Los Angeles County to:

  • Gray out the NEXT button until the voter has moved to the last page of that individual race and viewed all candidates and that
  • Instructions be included on the first screen to indicate there may be additional candidates than the first four names listed and to select MORE to view all choices.

“We are deeply troubled that voters will be disenfranchised by the new VSAP system,” said Beverly Hills City Attorney Laurence S. Wiener.  “All candidates should be presented in an equitable and transparent way to the voters.  As the system is currently designed, a voter may not realize they are bypassing additional candidates.  We believe this issue can be easily resolved.”