BEVERLY HILLS—On Wednesday, March 7, Michael Sean Drew was arrested by officials from the Beverly Hills Police Department for his role in a string of burglaries in the region. He was connected to 12 home break-ins and 14 vehicle break-ins.

Canyon News spoke to Kris Herzog, owner of The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills. A US Army Veteran and security consultant, Herzog provides security for homeowners, upper echelon politicians, and celebrities.

“These aren’t your typical burglars” Herzog said. “These guys do their research. They use sites like Zillow and Redfin to find potential targets. They’ve got police response times memorized and are willing to risk their lives if they think you have valuables in that house. We’ve seen them get away with this stuff too many times.”

While it may be tempting to leave that new car in the driveway, Herzog stresses thats individuals should do their best not to advertise their wealth. “We’re certain that many of these guys are affiliated with gangs. They’re very calculated. They find you on social media, scope out your house and valuable assets, and they strike. In and out in 3-5 minutes,” said Herzog.

He noted many are able to escape with valuable long before the authorities arrive, as they utilize police scanners and cell phone jammers. “They’ve got the resources to find you, so the best strategy is to make sure that your house is ready for a burglary scenario.”

Herzog and other experts recommend security measures beyond an alarm system, which does not do much to elicit a fast response time or scare off burglars.

“Have interior lights that turn on when motion is sensed on your porch,” Herzog told Canyon News. “Reinforce your door bolt and windows, have a dog inside the house, and when you call the police, you MUST mention that an armed robbery is in progress.” He was adamant that this detail will give you a higher priority for a quick police response.

Herzog indicated that industrial strength acrylic glass windows, while not bulletproof, will render a baseball bat useless.

“These will usually keep them out.” His final recommendation was a simple one: security cameras. “Security cameras are one of the best deterrents, and these days they’re very cheap. Make them obvious too. The last thing these guys want is their faces or getaway vehicle on tape,” said Herzog.

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