BEVERLY HILLS—This year’s Beverly Hills International Music Festival will feature 60 musicians, a slate of concert performances and music classes for festival participants at Temple Emanuel and Greystone Mansion from July 31 to August 10.

Festival organizers said the music will range from “intimate chamber music performances from the classical repertoire, to contemporary music, orchestral music, to works by noted Hollywood composers.”

While the concerts held at Greystone Mansion last year were free to the public, festival organizers will be charging $30 a person for each of the two concerts scheduled to be held at the mansion. Revenue generated by ticket sales will help offset a portion of the festival’s operating costs.

Friends of Greystone will receive 10 percent of the Greystone ticket sales and will provide pre-concert tours of the mansion on both nights.

Musicians who are expected to perform at the festival include violinist Oleh Krysa, pianists Jean David Coen and Inna Faliks and flutist Susan Greenberg.

In addition to eight scheduled concerts, more than 40 musicians from the United States, Taiwan, Canada and South Korea will undergo intensive chamber music coaching from faculty members and perform in the final gala concert.

DMG Music Association Inc. has organized the festival since its inception in 2004.

According to the festival’s website, the annual 10-day event was created to “bring the best of classical chamber music to a city generally known for its array of elegant houses, luxury car show rooms, world class retail shops, and renowned restaurants.”

Concerts at Temple Emanuel will begin at 8 p.m. and performances at Greystone Mansion will start at 7:30 p.m.

Admission at each of the eight concerts is $30. Seniors and students are eligible for a $5 discount.

To order tickets, call (310) 779-7622 or visit www.