BEVERLY HILLS—On Wednesday, September 18, the city of Beverly Hills launched the (TIP) Trust and Innovation Portal, in a continuing resolution to advance local government and establish effective city operations.

“Whether it be improvements to traffic, technology or enhancing the overall quality of life in our City, this is about embracing ideas,” said Mayor John Mirisch.  “After all, the ‘I’ stands for Innovation.”

The newly formed Office of the City Auditor newly will manage and serve important functions of the new portal. Ideas can be shared for pursuance enrichment of services in the city of Beverly Hills, as well as report any questionable cases of malapropos actions via the

“We are pleased to unveil TIP as a groundbreaking tool for our community,” said City Auditor Eduardo Luna. “TIP maintains trust by safeguarding taxpayer dollars and resources while encouraging strategic thinking and innovative solutions.”

Any erroneous activity will be investigated by the City Auditor, which will depend on the description of the contention. Strict confidentially will be maintained by The Auditor, any affiliate reports, documents, and complaints will be handled in the same manner.

Tips and ideas can be submitted by employees and residents by calling 310-255-2TIP (310-288-2847) or by using the online portal and additionally by emailing

The City Auditor’s office was established in 2018 as an independent office, which reports to the Beverly Hills City Council, conducts performance audits of city departments, offices, and agencies in accordance with government auditing standards and provides routine public updates to the City Council.