BEVERLY HILLS—Parks throughout the city of Beverly Hills will remain open throughout the Memorial Day weekend, according to a press release issued by the city on Thursday, May 21. 

The release adds that residents should keep in mind the ‘Safer At Home’ order from the LA County Department of Public Health as people make plans for the upcoming holiday.

Beverly Hills Mayor Lester Friedman reinforced that while parks will remain open for the public, “the safest place for our community continues to be at home.” 

“Those who do choose to leave their home should wear face coverings and keep a safe distance of six feet from others,” Friedman said. “Please help us protect the most vulnerable and save lives.”   

Small groups of people on the grass at Will Rogers Memorial Park. Photo by Madelaine Flores


The city highlights the importance of wearing face covering whenever “there is or can be contact with others who are not household members in both public and private places.”

Park rangers and police officers will continue to monitor the parks to make sure people comply with the orders. 

Parks in Beverly Hills will be open.

In an interview, Beverly Hills Police Department said it will continue with “Special Watches,” and officers will distribute masks for those without them. The department also encouraged citizens to report any suspicious activity.

The county department of Public Health reported 1,032 new cases of COVID-19 on May 23 — a total of 44,055 to date.