BEVERLY HILLS — On August 1, The Beverly Hills School District and The Beverly Hills Education Association reached a provisional agreement on school plans for the fall and now plan to begin the 2020-21 school year on August 17. Both the BHSD and the BHEA are intent in bringing back in-person classes as soon as possible. However, for the moment, appropriate measures have been taken to continue online learning.

The agreement states that the return of physical classes will have to come in phases with a mixture of both online and in-person classes. The agreement also addresses the work location for teachers and school staff. The tentative agreement mentions says this about work location and access: “A remote location is a location other than District property. The District shall not require members to work on District property except as described in Article 1.b. Members shall follow District check-in and notification procedures when working from their worksites on District property.” 

BHSD has been in discussion with the BHEA for the past two weeks. The main concern surrounding the re-opening was the safe reintroduction of students into class. Ideas for complete safe re-opening include temperature checks, six feet apart in bathrooms, and direction signaling. The adjustments made to the fall semester came after Governor Newsom alerted counties they could not re-open school if they were on the state’s watchlist. 

The school district also gave the option of using the Independent Learning Center. The ILC option has been tailored to provide students with the same challenges as in-person classes. Students who opt for the ILC are committed and expected to complete an entire semester online.

The link for the full agreement is below, along with Beverly Hills School District’s contact information.

Phone Number: (310) 551-5100

BHSD and BHEA agreement: