BEVERLY HILLS—On Wednesday, December 2, the city of Beverly Hills will hold its virtual ‘Just in Case BH’ community meeting at 1:30 p.m. for Zone 2 residents located in the region north of Sunset Boulevard between Schuyler Road and N. Beverly Drive.

“Just in Case BH’ is a community-based program that was launched in order to prepare and take action in case of an emergency. The program brings together residents, police, businesses, and other agencies to prepare and coordinate in real-time when natural disasters or other local emergencies hit. The division of Beverly Hills into geographic zones is designed so that each zone can support itself in case of an emergency. The program will connect Neighborhood Watch programs and the Community Emergency Response Team to create a communication network for all residents in the city. Once the network is established, direct communication through Nixle notifications, neighborhood meetings, email, and other outreach tools will allow for a unified message in case an emergency strikes.

The three primary components of the program are city communications, crime prevention, neighborhood watch, and disaster training for volunteers, such as search and rescue, medical assistance, and fire extinguishing.

Businesses and residents will be invited to participate in a zoom meeting over the next several weeks to learn and participate in the program.

“During an emergency, consistent and timely communication is critical to manage response efforts and ensure public safety. Just in Case, BH will work to develop a robust network of neighborhood resources to better connect our community in times of emergency,” said City Manager George Chavez in a statement.

Zone 2 residents can join the meeting at