BEVERLY HILLS—A Beverly Hills resident was indicted on charges of drug possession and conspiracy.

Lisette Lee, a Los Angeles socialite and aspiring actress, was arrested on Monday, June 14, in Columbus, Ohio on suspicion of drug possession and intent to distribute.  The DEA in Columbus was tipped off by the DEA at the Los Angeles Airport Interdiction group about a suspicious flight out of Van Nuys airport and the passengers’ questionable amount of luggage.  The DEA set up surveillance at the Columbus airport and waited for the flight to arrive.  Lisette and three additional passengers were arrested after they arrived via private jet from California to Ohio, carrying with them 13 suitcases, which contained over 500 pounds of marijuana.

On Thursday, June 17, Lee was indicted by the US Attorney in the Southern District of Ohio Eastern Division on two counts of possession and intent to distribute.  Each crime is punishable by at least five and up to 40 years of imprisonment as well as a fine of up to $2 million. Her associates, who identified themselves as employees of Miss Lee’s, have yet to be charged.

When arrested, Lee claimed that she was innocent and that, though she had planned the trip and three previous trips as well, she believed she was transporting equipment for a horse farm in Ohio owned by a friend of a friend. She also told police that she was the heiress of the Samsung fortune, though the following day the Samsung Company issued a statement refuting her claims.