BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department Traffic Bureau conducted a distracted driving enforcement operation looking at drivers behind the wheel talking on their cell phone on August 20.

In a press release to Canyon News, the BHPD indicated the location of the operation was at the 400 block of  N. Rexford Drive, in front of the police station. It lasted for about 90 minutes and more than 17 citations were issued.

Authorities are working to decrease traffic violations because of distracted drivers. They are expected to increase enforcement efforts by moving the operation to various locations throughout Beverly Hills during the year. Police do enforce illegal use of utilizing a cell phone while driving to ensure a safer community. The goal is to reduce the incidents of distracted driving related accidents that have led to deaths on the roadways.

Anyone with questions can contact Motor Sergeant Scott Dowling at (310) 285-2190 regarding the enforcement operation or traffic related issues.