BEVERLY HILLS—On Monday, June 22, the Beverly Hills Unified School District (BHUSD) announced two options for students who are returning to school in the fall.

The first option is an exclusively online Independent Learning Center (ILC) in which elementary, middle school, and high school students (TK-12th grade) can resume their education with BHUSD teachers in a virtual setting.

The ILC is not a new resource to BHUSD. It was created in 2019 in order to support students who learn better in a non-traditional classroom setting and those who are unable to participate in regular school for various reasons.

Community members interested in this option must apply by July 15. The application can be found here. Applicants must be enrolled in BHUSD, and there is a one semester commitment with the option.

The second option involves hybrid learning, and all students will be placed in this selection unless they apply for ILC. With the hybrid model, students will be divided into two cohorts that rotate on-campus learning every other week. This ensures that only half of the student population will be on campus at a time. For the designated weeks that a cohort is not on campus, students will still learn using virtual platforms such as ViewSonic and Google Meets to meet with teachers and staff.

In addition, school will only take place in-person from Monday to Thursday; Fridays will be designated cleaning days on campus, while students can engage in independent work from home.

The hybrid model as demonstrated on the BHUSD website.

More information on cleaning and sanitization protocols, physical distancing measures, and mental health and wellbeing support systems will be provided in the future.

These options for BHUSD families were determined with the help of education and community experts. Members of the team can be found here. These plans are contingent on direction from the Department of Public Health.