UNITED STATES—On August 5, Errol Barnett, journalist and National news correspondent for CBS interviewed Democratic nominee Joe Biden, for the National Association of Black and Hispanic Journalist Virtual Convention that was kicking off that day.

In the interview, Barnett asked Biden if he had taken a cognitive test as President Trump was suggesting.  Biden’s response is what went viral.  “No, I haven’t taken a test. Why in the hell would I take a test?  Come on man, that’s like saying you, before you got in this program you take a test where you’re taking cocaine or not?  What do you think, huh?  Are you a junkie?”  It was hard to tell if the former VP said, Junkie or Jonie.  Then, Biden said something about President Trump not knowing the difference between an elephant and a lion.

CBS news correspondent and television journalist, Vladimir Duthiers broke down the interview with Barnett later that day.  The interview may be viewed on YouTube.


Errol Barnett

While Barnett relayed what happened to interviewers on the Inside Edition, Barnett indicated that he was getting backlash from both Trump supporters for not being forceful enough with Biden and with Biden supporters for asking the question at all.


Barnett made the point that whether it is President Trump, 73, on his second term as President or Joe Biden, 78, on his first term as President, this will be the oldest President to take office. A question about taking a cognitive test is a valid question, Barnett explained.

On July 10, 2020, President Trump told reporters that he did take a test.

“I took it at Walter Reed Hospital in front of doctors and they were very surprised.  They said that’s a very unbelievable thing, rarely, does anyone do what you just did,” President Trump said.

Newscasters from multiple media outlets made fun of Biden’s remarks.  Video footage shows Biden began to fumble and stammer around after these comments. In a podcast, CNN’s Brian Stelter asks if there are entire networks out there with the sole purpose of tearing down Trump.

President Trump has repeatedly publicly called out the media due to the fact that very little good news is reported about President Trump.  Much of what is reported is false news reports.  President Trump often calls CNN and other news outlets like them, “fake news.”

According to October 2019 reports from the conservative activist group Project Veritas, that is precisely what CNN had been doing. A former CNN reporter went to Project Veritas with an undercover recording of a CNN editorial phone call revealing Executive Jeff Zucker telling his employees to focus solely on the impeachment of President Trump.

According to the reports of the CNN employees in this investigation at that time, nothing else was newsworthy except the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The employee and “whistleblower” no longer works for CNN. The full story may be found at projectveritas.com.