UNITED STATES—Joe Biden, 77, posted a video on Tuesday, May 19 to discuss the hold on stimulus checks and gave President Donald Trump, the nickname President Tweety.

Biden, the Democratic candidate for the 2020 Presidential Election, served the U.S. as a Senate chair for Delaware from 1973-2009, where he was appointed Vice President under the Barack Obama administration.

Biden became the front-runner after his opponent Bernie Sanders dropped out of the race in April 8. In a video released of Biden, he voices his opinion on why the stimulus checks are taking longer than expected:

“Why have they failed to get this money out to folks that desperately need it to stay afloat? Is it incompetence? Corruption? Trump is out there tweeting again this morning; I call him ‘President Tweety.”

President Trump’s Twitter feed remains active. One Trump supporter tweeted: “Trump is the BEST President Black America has ever had.” To which Trump responded: “Thanks. Sleepy Joe has given you nothing, and never will!”

In another series of tweets Trump wrote:

Crazy Bernie Sanders is not a fighter. He gives up too easy! The Dem establishment gets Alfred E. Newman (Mayor Pete) & @amyklobuchar to quit & endorse Sleepy Joe BEFORE Super Tuesday, & gets Pocahontas to stay in the race, taking thousands of votes from Bernie.”

President Trump has yet to  respond to Biden’s new nickname.