PICKENS, SOUTH CAROLINA—On July 1, former President Trump held a rally drawing thousands. Pickens Police Chief, Randal Beach said, “The leading Republican presidential candidate barnstormed in Pickens, a town of about 3,400 residents, on Saturday, speaking to 50,000 people who gathered at the downtown venue and lined the surrounding streets.”

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS—On June 28, President Joe Biden attended a campaign fundraiser.  Giving a speech on the economy, the President met his crowd at, The Old Post Office.  According to the venue site, The Old Post Office will hold 800 people seated or 3,500 standing. Biden spoke on a new economic plan he calls, “Bidenomics.”

In the middle of the President’s speech he just froze.  He stammered around until he couldn’t speak any longer. The following text is quoted from The White House webpage, with corrections.

…”But under the trickle-down economic thr- — theory, three-quarters of U.S. industries grew more con- — concencra- — I mean — excuse me — consecrated [concentrated].  I’m thinking I didn’t go to mass.  (Laughter.)  They c- — they were moving to diminish competition.

Well, that may have been things — made things easier for big corporations.  But for everybody else, it made it harder and more expensive.  It got harder for bus- — small businesses to compete.  It stifled integration [innovation].  It reduced wages for — for workers.  And it made our supply chains more vulnerable.”

People are getting weary of all of this.  It’s embarrassing to have the leader of the free world show up and not be able to get through his speech, get lost on stage, or fall down repeatedly. 

He needs other world leaders to hold his hand except it’s not sweet like when First Lady Melania Trump held the hand of Queen Elizabeth.  It’s pathetic.  It’s other world leaders looking out for the underdog, hoping he doesn’t hurt himself in their prospective countries.

The Trump-Pence Administration Via Unsplash

The Democrats would have you believe that the American people don’t like Trump.  He’s mean, he’s a bully.  He is just one mean tweet away from losing, but he’s not.  No, he’s not always nice, but he’s a great businessman.  He knows what to do, how to do it, and how to get there.  He is capable of running a country and he has proven that.  Other world leaders respect President Trump.  He may have not served in the military, but he was a true Commander in Chief.  He looked out for our soldiers and veterans first.  He cared and it showed.

I heard a Republican on TV the other day explain that the Democrats want Biden, and “They don’t have anyone else.”  Well, that could be true.  Vice President Kamala Harris, also lost her place in her speech on the world stage, when another world leader, came to her rescue as well.  She thanked him by saying, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed.” 

She laughs like a hyena when she gets nervous or lost in her own tangled web, and proves that no, the Democrats don’t have anyone else.