HOLLYWOOD—Well, week three of “Big Brother 17” proved to be a bit of the same. ‘The Sixth Sense’ alliance moved to the forefront to continue their dominance of the game; this time with Austin and Vanessa becoming the new HOHs. Audiences may not have been happy with the win, but it shed a bit of light on the mindset of these two players.

What is Austin’s biggest problem? He has loose lips just like Clay. He talks a bit too much and is a bit arrogant, to say the least. What is Vanessa’s biggest problem? She became so power hungry, she placed a target on her back even if that wasn’t her intention. Vanessa is a great player, but I honestly think she has aligned with houseguests who aren’t the best allies.

So who got nominated this week? Meg and Jason were nominated by Austin and James, and Johnny Mac and James were nominated by Vanessa. Meg and Jason were victorious in a fashion forward Battle of the Block, which resulted in Austin being dethroned. So Vanessa remains in power and Johnny Mac finds himself in jeopardy once again.

I’ll be honest, Johnny Mac has grown on me, but I don’t like the fact that he’s throwing competitions. Stand up for yourself and tell Clay and the rest of his minions no. He’s playing a risky game; of course he’s only saying what he wants the others to hear to ensure protection, but at the same time, it should be a clear depiction to him he’s low on the totem pole in this so called ‘alliance.’

Johnny Mac went 2-for-2 in the Power of Veto challenge picking up his second consecutive win. Johnny Mac’s win worked in perfect favor for Vanessa who had bigger targets. She was desperately gunning for James, but when Austin got into her ear about Jeff being a target, he became a nominee.

Do I suspect getting out Jeff was a good thing? Hmm, not really, Vanessa got distracted, and James is indeed a great competitor. He has social, mental and physical capabilities that make him a big threat. Austin targeted Jeff for personal reasons. He didn’t like that Liz/Julia were getting close to Jeff. Hey Austin, you have a girlfriend back at home, but I’m not sure if she’ll be waiting for you when you exit the compound.

Audrey continued to deflect any drama in the house; yes, this woman is a meat shield, but an unpredictable danger if she were to gain power. There is no telling what she would do if she became HOH, people should be very worried about her. How in the world is it that Johnny Mac, Meg, Jason, James, Jackie, Becky and Steve haven’t realized that the others are working together? The people in this house are so blind to the fact that certain houseguests make it quite obvious they are working together.

In one of the closet votes this season Jeff was evicted 7-4. This is something that has many in the house going bonkers. Those four votes for James came from Steve, Johnny Mac, Liz and Jackie. I must say both Liz and Steve surprised me, so that means they have their own agenda at hand, and aren’t looking to do what ‘the house’ wants. That makes me quite happy, to say the least. In perhaps one of the wildest HOH competitions, the houseguests were forced to remember distinctions from a 90s troupe dance crew. In one of the quickest competitions since “BB 16” second double eviction, Shelli and Liz rose to the top.

What? Shelli is in power again! This woman is a bigger threat than the houseguests see. Clay might be her wing-man, but she is indeed the brains. So with ‘The Sixth Sense’ in power again, it’s already clear who the targets are: Jason, Meg, James, Jackie (obvious), other options include Becky, Steve and Johnny Mac. What is the problem with this? If the other house looked closely, they’d see they have the majority, with Audrey being the deciding factor, but she is making waves once again.

With some interesting tidbits shaping up for week four, I’m hoping the week 5 HOH is an endurance competition that allows the balance of power to shift. Wouldn’t it be nice to see those who have been power hungry to have to gravel a bit? Of course it would!