HOLLYWOOD—Another week, more mayhem and disturbing behavior from the houseguests on “Big Brother 21.” Thursday’s first live-eviction proved to be a dramatic one, with Jessica and Kemi slated for eviction, Jessica gave an eviction speech, where I wanted to throw a sock in her mouth. Jess, what the hell are you talking about? Please, please just shut-up. For anyone rooting for Jessica, you may as well stop, the woman is clueless and I even suspect she would just side with the alliance that is aimed at taking her out the game.

Kemi on the other hand, she made a move, it was a ballsy one, but boy was I living for it. She threw Nick and Bella under the bus. Did I suspect Kemi to stay? No. However, but when you have nothing to lose, why the hell not!? There was one hiccup; Jackson decided to cast a rogue vote, against Jessica hoping to pin it on Nicole. Here’s the problem with casting such a vote: you DO NOT SPILL IT TO THE WORLD PEOPLE! Jackson has diarrhea of the mouth, and started spilling to anyone who would listen, and even his alliance knew Nicole wasn’t the culprit.

Nick, who I didn’t suspect to be a gamer, won a luck HOH competition. This is what I hate: stop the luck-based competitions. Luck should not be on your side in a game for $500,000. If you have social bonds, strategic capabilities and competition prowess that should determine your ability to survive, not a luck-based competition that can completely screw your game.

Kemi and Bella had a fight, and it got physical with Bella placing your hands on Kemi. Hmm, I thought that was a big no-no in the house. Bella ranted to anyone who would listen because she felt she was the victim (sweetheart, you are not), and tried to paint Kemi as a victim, who could care less about Bella at this point in the game. Yeah, that friendship has sailed, and Kemi, like Ovi and David is being ostracized by Jack, Jackson, Holly, Analyse, Christie, Tommy, Nick, Bella and you can throw Sam into the mix.

I don’t understand if people are just idiots or not, but Sam you were SPECIFICALLY told you are at the bottom of an alliance and you’re still playing the game for these people? Just give us all-stars or a season of fans; the recruits are too stupid to realize how to actually play the game. Nick and Bella are idiots and have NO IDEA that their alliance wants to turn on them as soon as possible, so they throw Nicole under the bus, and absolute mayhem occurred. Nicole played the game, and it horrified Gr8ful, and they decided to berate, bully and say just disgusting things about her before slamming the door in her face.

This HOH powwow was some of the worst mess I’ve seen on TV in years. It was just vicious, and their dismissiveness of Nicole, Ovi and anyone not part of their core alliance left me livid. This is the one thing “Big Brother” just hasn’t been able to fix since BB15. This bullying and ostracizing of contestants is horrible TV to watch! Nicole took it way hard and was an emotional mess and cried constantly. Nicole looked like she was dead in the water, but things are looking up for her. Why?

Well, Nicole realized Bella and Nick are a lost cause finally, Christie and Tommy, realize they need Nicole to take a shot at Bell and Nick. Look, the number of people I like this season and I can root for is less than the number of fingers on one hand. Christie cancelled, Tommy cancelled, Jackson cancelled, Holly cancelled, Jack definitely cancelled, Analyse irrelevant, Bella vehemently cancelled, Nick cancelled, Sam (was on the fence), but you’re cancelled too!

If the editors do NOT show this travesty of a HOH hostile environment during the episode, the editors are full of crap, and I’m not joking. Christie and Jack attempted to berate David for attempting to play the game, even though he’s not in the game now, these idiots fail to realize he could very much come back into the game and change things dramatically. Their dismissiveness is just driving me nuts, I hate these people; I cannot recall the last time I hated houseguests this much in a season of “Big Brother.”

Kat won the POV and was planning to utilize it on Jessica, another ugh. I had hopes for Jess, but she and Kat are like two idiots trying to find their way out of a bag. They have no strategy and refuse to see that they are at the BOTTOM and are not part of the cool kid’s gang. However, Christie, whew this woman is cracked America, she spiraled after she thought the universe was working against her and Nick was going to backdoor her. Now a smart player would have picked up on that and utilized it to their advantage.

The house was in a tizzy with this news, and Christie conveyed her thinking to Nick, who was baffled, another clue that Nick has blinders only to the fact this his alliance wants to blindside him with this current eviction, but they want to take him out the game. Christie was not done spiraling people, because it was this close to Kat NOT using the veto which would have been glorious. I would have rather seen Jessica go home over Cliff; I mean this girl is not even playing the game America. However, Kat used the veto and Nicole was named as the replacement. We were this close, to possibly having Christie activate the Diamond Power of Veto, and Kat having the control to name the replacement, which could have been Bella.

Anyway, Christie continued to spiral telling Nick and Bella of ALL PEOPLE about her DPOV! What the hell are you thinking Christie? You don’t tell someone you’re planning to blindside about a power of this magnitude. Why? Knowing the details of the power can help them neutralize it, and this DPOV is not as strong as previous ones. She kept chatting, and Analyse, Jack and Holly are aware of the power; better yet the entire house knows, jeez, be like “Survivor.” If you reveal you have a power, you lose it.

These people are idiots because if you think Nick and Bella are NOT going to utilize this information against the others after they are blindsided on Thursday, you have another thing coming. Why? Gr8ful wants to keep Nicole over Cliff, but they have no intent on telling Nicole (another stupid mistake) and Bella and Nick. I think this might be good, because Nicole will have no loyalty to them and whoever comes back from Camp Comeback, will have to realize they have to target the other side if they want to survive.

I used to be all for twists, but this is a time where I wish Camp Comeback was not in play because Nick would have totally went after Jack this week and we could have seen his pompous, arrogant ass out the house. This is BB, so I KNOW for certainty we have more twists coming our way in the coming weeks, it wouldn’t be our favorite reality-competition, without a few surprises along the way.