HOLLYWOOD—Oh, America, I knew when I saw the cast list to “Big Brother 24” that we might have a problem on our hands and I could be right. It was leaked one day before the season started, and none of the people popped if I’m being honest (NEVER A GOOD SIGN). Only 4 days into the season and I had to stop watching the live feeds because of the bullying, micro-aggressions and just disgusting behavior I’m seeing by almost everyone in the house against one particular houseguest. If you’re a BB lover like I am you already know who I’m talking about: Taylor Hale.

The people I thought I was going to like toss them all out the window. Paloma (just an insecure mean girl, who can never shut up), Alyssa (a wannabe Alyssa from BB23, but not even close and a wicked mean girl), Jasmin (follower, low self-esteem and major confidence issues), Ameerah (a wannabe fan of BB, who is a recruit and another insecure, mean girl), Kyle (annoying man child, who should stop following people), Monte (just upsetting my soul with his desire to fit in at all costs even throwing potential allies under the bus), Terrance (the old guy who is doing nothing), Pooch (a man who is edging the corner of being racist in my eyes with his constant micro-aggressions on assumed behavior based on someone’s race), Turner (internet stories tell you everything you need to know about the guy), Daniel (lacking the courage to do what is best for his game and wants to be a ‘bro’ or part of the guys alliance at all costs). That is more than half the cast America.

The start of the season is feeling like “Big Brother 19” and “Big Brother 21” all over again and that is NOT good. The people I semi-like Nicole, Indy and Joseph, simply because they’re trying not to talk bad about Taylor, but are entertaining the other houseguests by just listening is frustrating. So that tells you where I am at with the actual houseguests I like: Taylor, Michael and Brittany, and Michael and Brittany are even questionable for me now. Wow. We’ll get more into the machinations about the houseguest behavior in a minute.

Daniel is our Head of Household and feels good about Nicole. He has a final two with her, but Daniel also has something with Turner and Pooch and then is trying to align with the other meat heads: Kyle, Joseph and Monte. Over with the women Paloma is leading the charge with the Girls Girls (Paloma, Jasmin, Alyssa, Ameerah, Brittany and Indy slightly). Paloma is also after the guys in particular Kyle, Monte and Pooch (but Pooch has already been replaced with Michael, who is not feeling it) more on that later.

Brittany, Alyssa and Paloma cannot be nominated or vote because of the Backstage Pass, neither can Pooch (but he is safe). We know America will vote to save one of the three women and I can tell you all right now: it’s going to be Brittany, based on Alyssa and Paloma’s behavior this week. It does depend how the show edits things, but based on the bullying and isolation that Taylor has experienced this week, they have no other way to edit the show, but to show what is happening, as nothing else would make sense to the viewers. Paloma and Alyssa finally caught a clue after Julie already explained to them they can’t vote, that you have four people not voting this week (Pooch, Alyssa, Paloma and Brittany), than the HOH Daniel cannot vote and then the two nominees cannot vote.

There will ONLY be 9 votes this week people, and in regards to the twist Julie hinted about on eviction night, I suspect it has something to do with the two people currently on the block having to battle against the two Backstage Pass people who are not safe. The winners from that competition are NOT safe and become the nominees for the week. That could be interesting to a degree people. Not 100 percent certain how that will play out in the coming weeks if America will vote each week or not, but that could be intriguing if that is the case and if the competition that is chosen provides equal footing for all contenders. All I can say is if America is indeed voting, the houseguests should be scared because I think quite a few of them think they’re loved, but damn are they going to get a culture shock when they get out the house and we’re only in week 1 people.

Daniel might be the worst HOH I’ve seen in a while. He is having major trouble making a decision and constantly relying on others to help him. Yeah, he won’t make it far in this game because he can’t deal with pressure. You don’t have to have a reason to nominate someone! Simply put, you are a threat to my game so that is why I’ve nominated you; there you’re done. He was teetering on four people, Terrance, Michael, Indy and Taylor. Why? They talked game the least to him? However, Michael actually tried to talk game with Daniel who shut it down multiple times. I kind of wish Michael had one over Daniel in that T-Shirt comp as we might have had a different outcome this week if that were the case.

Daniel really wants to target the muscle heads (Kyle, Joseph and Monte), guess what you should because they are a threat to your game, and as soon as your power as HOH disappears guess what: they won’t think five seconds about you. So Daniel ultimately landed on Michael and Terrance as nominations. At first I felt bad for Terrance, but he really isn’t giving anything to make me care. Michael is a super fan and knows the game. I’m secretly hoping either Michael or Brittany wins HOH this week and flip the house upside down because it’s needed, but I don’t know if they’ll even do it.

I can say that because Michael won the POV which thwarted Daniel’s plan to see him receive the boot. Michael  supposedly had Paloma, Alyssa, Monte, Kyle and Ameerah backing him if he had NOT won POV, but guess what 2 of the 5 can’t vote this week. Michael is well aware he is sixth place in that alliance and I’m certain he will use this information to his advantage moving forward in the game. Gosh, I just want one if NOT both Alyssa and Paloma out pre-jury I cannot stand either of them and taking out one will cripple the other.

After Michael’s win, things got nasty in the house, everyone except Michael and Brittany threw Taylor under the bus, and for no reason. Pooch, Turner, Kyle and Monte with those micro-aggressions man I feel sorry for them when they get out the house. Especially Monte, you might be Afro-Latino, but in society Monte you are BLACK! Add Alyssa and Paloma to the list, and Jasmin and Ameerah as well because the later suffer from a bit of I’m calling it: jealously and colorism. Taylor is a beauty queen and they are simply jealous of it, there is no other way to say it; they have confidence issues and that is there problem not Taylor’s. Paloma got caught in a lie and Monte, I don’t know who the hell this guy even is America and literally threw Taylor under the bus and drove it over her.

I even saw Nicole, who I thought was a potential ally to Taylor chime in own her being loud and angry. Hello BB stereotypes that are not accurate are being thrown around yet once again without actual evidence or proof. Daniel was leaning Indy and Taylor, but before the night culminated it was apparent Taylor would likely be the re-nominee. To future BB players, if EVERYONE is throwing out the name of the same person, it is a clear cut sign to NOT nominate that person. Do not do the house’s bidding, on top of that, why would you nominate someone who is NOT coming after you. That’s why when it comes to early gameplay, always have 3 to 4 people you want out of the house because there is always a chance your initial nominees will win veto and take themselves down, then what. Daniel will not make it far in this game America I can promise you that right now.

This first week has NOT been fun to watch America, and I’m telling you if it ventures into similar isolation and bullying tactics like BB19 and BB21 into week 2, this might be the first season since 21 that I say I’m completely out on “Big Brother.” I’ll go watch previous seasons that were actually entertaining without all the mean girl, racism, colorism, micro-aggressions and just foul behavior.