HOLLYWOOD—If you thought last week was chaotic in the “Big Brother 24”  house then you should be prepared for what is perhaps the most maddening, yet riveting week of live feeds that I have seen in “Big Brother” history. If you thought the split house created stress, then the events of this week will leave you speechless. So those not in the know, Jasmine and Joseph were both sent to the jury house during the unique double eviction, but when the house reunited you could cut the tension with a knife. Taylor, Michael, Brittany and Monte were all shocked to see Alyssa was still in the game.

You know what that meant; they realized that someone turned on The Leftovers alliance. Kyle, Alyssa, Terrance and Turner formed the Afterparty alliance while outside and they were indeed a united foursome against, the Insiders. So this Head of Household would be definitive in terms of who would control power in the game, and it ultimately was Turner who claimed his second HOH. Yeah, it seems like Turner always wins HOH when he doesn’t need to.

Turner was planning to nominate Terrance and Alyssa, which was crazy after he promised nearly everyone safety and when Monte pushed The Pound and Taylor mentioned The Leftovers it became apparent that Turner was still aligned with his former allies, but Kyle was playing puppeteer. He wanted to ensure Alyssa was safe, as well as Terrance. For Kyle, the week started off strong, but it crashed and burned in epic fashion after the Power of Veto competition, which we will get to shortly.

With Kyle in his ear, Turner blindsided Brittany and Taylor when he nominated them arguing that faux final three alliance with Joseph (that he outed; that still makes no sense) that caused Turner and Monte to believe Brittany, Michael and Taylor have a final three (which they do). Turner’s speech was horrid, anyone could see that he was planning to backdoor Monte or Michael depending on what transpired, with Michael being the target and he was well aware of it people.

So it was Michael, Brittany and Taylor on one side, versus Monte, Alyssa, Terrance, Turner and Kyle and the POV would be pivotal. Michael needed a win or he would be out, and guess what: Michael won POV and it was the slip and slide. Oh, I was so happy with Michael’s victory because it meant Michael and Brittany would be safe, but Taylor was still in danger people, so I was thinking how could all three be safe: Kyle being nominated, but how would that happen? Things are about to get uncomfortable, but that is what I love about BB is its real life. Remember what we talked about in week 5, when Kyle was pushing that theory of a possible Cookout 2.0 and forming an alliance with all the white people, well Michael and Brittany decided to utilize information against Kyle.

Look as an African-American male I had mixed feelings about this. Yes, it was absolutely used for strategy, but at the same time, it needed to be done to teach Kyle what he was doing and why he was doing it was wrong. Do I wish Brittany and Michael spilled this information much earlier? Yes, but it’s a delicate issue for them to address, especially in a game that costs $750,000. Kyle had an implicit bias against the people of color in the house without actual evidence to back up the claim people. He assumed something that was not accurate AT ALL, even after being told by Michael and Brittany that they did NOT expect all the people of color were working together and to group them simply based on color was wrong. Monte was more loyal than Kyle realized, which came to light for him several weeks later after a conversation with Monte, you don’t say Kyle?

With that said, Michael and Brittany spilled all to Taylor and Monte during a delicate conversation that was not seen on the live feeds. It was apparent that Monte was upset by the revelation and the audience witnessed some visceral reactions that stirred the soul. Brittany was trying to explain things, but she could not grasp the severity of the situation, as well as Michael, who happens to be an attorney. Turner did not really grasp the severity of the issue as he still wanted to target Taylor, but realized the optics of the situation were NOT good for him.

Kyle soon learned from Alyssa about what was going after Michael and Brittany informed her of the situation and she was flabbergasted. Yeah, even Alyssa realized this was NOT good, and once Kyle realized what was going on he wanted to speak to the Diary Room and he was in there for hours people, and eventually showed his face, and a house meeting occurred that was televised on the episode, but not on the live feeds that was stunning to watch. It literally left me speechless, this is what should have occurred in BB15 and BB21, hell even BB22.

In the end, Turner was forced to nominate an ally because it was what the house wanted, even if Turner did not want to do it. Why? It was clear that Turner and Terrance, oh my God, Terrance drives me freaking insane with his antics that I cannot understand his strategy with the gameplay. As a Black man Terrance, what Kyle was doing should have shaken you to the core just as bad as it did Monte and Taylor, but nope, you’re ignorant to the situation or you just don’t care I don’t get it at all. Terrance and Turner were angling a way to save Kyle to attempt to be a teachable moment, but as Alyssa noted it’s NOT her job to teach Kyle something that her parents taught her when she was little.

Kyle was absolutely going to the jury house this week one way or another, rather it was a unanimous vote or by a majority (Michael, Brittany and Monte), he would be joining Joseph, the guy he just backstabbed. The conversations regarding race, bias and so much more that were handled this week during the episodes and live feeds were stellar, this is what BB is all about, an opportunity to learn and navigate life with a variety of cultures people.

With week 8 pretty much sealed, it is on to next week where it’s looking like a 4-3 battle with Monte and Turner strongly aligned (with Terrance and Alyssa) as close allies against Michael, Brittany and Taylor. It’s going to be a war to take out Michael from the opposing side as they realize he’s a big threat to win the game, but Michael might edge out another HOH and target Terrance and Alyssa, here’s hoping Alyssa wins veto. If that happens Turner can be nominated and sent packing. Guess what, another double is coming the following week, so we will be going from 7 to 5 or perhaps it’s a triple eviction, which I hope not, but BB loves a curveball people as the game nears its end.