HOLLYWOOD—This week on “Big Brother 24” started slow and seemed set in stone, but I have no clue WHY it always seems to be right before the Power of Veto ceremony that chaos erupts every single week and this week the gaming went into OVERDRIVE! Week 9 is no different America. After last week’s emotional, chaotic week that was tough at times to watch, Kyle found himself evicted from the game in a 5-0 vote. Yeah, Kyle is headed to the jury house and I cannot wait until this upcoming double eviction this week where I know the audience will get its first reveal of what the jurors think about the game and who has the best shot at winning the game if they get to the end. I mean the jury house is always a fun place in the BB game, just take a look at BB7, BB10, BB13, BB18, BB19, BB20 and BB22 people. I cannot wait to see the jury’s response to learning WHY Kyle was booted from the game people.

Before we can get to that we have to get to the Head of Household and Zingbot. This HOH was vital because Michael knew he was target numero uno. I mean we got confessionals from EVERYONE except Brittany who wanted to target Michael. The guy has won 5 POV and 2 HOHs, he’s on route to break that record of 9 competition wins that has been held by the BB legend Janelle from BB7 back in 2006. So with that said, Michael won his third HOH during a puzzle where he wiped the floor with everyone else. The entire house was pretty upset, except Michael and Brittany, and Taylor to a degree because she’s aligned with Michael and Brittany.

The question is who would Michael nominate? He should be targeting Monte and Turner, but nope he wants to go after Terrance who is threatening to taint the jury and I’ll be honest I do believe Terrance 2000 percent. Terrance was NOT happy with Michael and Brittany’s tactic to get out ousted last week. Look, let us all be 100 percent clear, what Michael and Brittany did was icky. Is Kyle the worst for assuming something based on race? Hell yeah, but Brittany and Michael knew it and waited to use that information when it benefited them most. They weaponized race as a form of strategy in the game, plain and simple and there is no way to get around or out of that.

Before last week I noted Michael wins against anyone he sits next to in the final two, now I question that, and I think it all depends on Michael being honest when questioned by the jury. He has to own the move made and if he doesn’t own what transpired with Kyle he can very likely lose the game against anyone except maybe Brittany. I honestly don’t see how Brittany defeats anyone left in the game. She’s playing a losing game by not seeing she has to cut Michael to win. She has all, but confessed that she will NOT cut Michael, so even if Michael somehow gets cut and Brittany makes the final two she can’t win because she didn’t make the move she needed to make to take out the biggest threat in the game.

Michael decided to honor his deal to not nominate Turner based on him placing Kyle on the block last week, but it’s a dumb move. He nominated Terrance and Alyssa, where Terrance chuckled and made it clear he was no fan of Michael’s and he will need Terrance out now or he’s in big trouble. I wouldn’t really call Terrance a gamer, but he’s bitter and that can spill into the jury, we’ll have to wait and see, but Terrance and Monte have been talking all week about what Michael and Brittany did so they’re not going to get away without dirt on their hands.

The POV was BB Comics and Michael claimed his sixth POV victory, breaking the record of 5 in a season. So if he wins 1 more competition he will have the most competition wins in a single season, which could happen in the upcoming double eviction POV that he competes in. None of the comics were stellar in my opinion this year.

This double eviction HOH is going to be crucial people because it is looking like a girls vs. guys war. Alyssa, Brittany and Taylor have decided to be girls to the end, but there is a traitor in the group and you all know who it is: BRITTANY! Got damn this woman cannot keep her pie-hole shut if her life depended on it. She spilled to Turner, who told Monte and know they’re considering target Taylor and Alyssa next over Michael! Are you kidding me? Taylor won 1 HOH, Alyssa has won NOTHING, Brittany won a POV thrown to her and Michael has 9 comp wins. Yeah, go ahead and take out the girls and go to final 3 with Michael who is easily going to wipe the floor with your all and get to the final two and win. He would deserve it if he does so to because this move is so idiotic it’s NOT even funny people.

So I absolutely do NOT want Monte or Turner to win this next HOH, which we absolutely know is a quiz or something mental. Then again it could be a crapshoot like BB23 where you roll balls and then we have the POV competition as the quiz. If the HOH is physical, the POV will be mental and vice versa.  Which means a Taylor, Alyssa or I hate even typing this (Brittany) HOH would be best, but I don’t even know who Brittany would target. I know Alyssa would go after Michael or Monte which I would be fine with. I mean hello, it feels like BB15 when no one would take a shot with Amanda, but it was Gina Marie (of all people) after weeks of talk making the action move.

Taylor would target Michael, but I almost hope she waits one more round and tackle Turner first who REALLY wants her out and I have no clue why? Brittany hell she might target the ladies and then I know the BB universe would be livid if that occurred, but this girl is so messy she is playing this game for Michael. Brittany there is $750,000 at stake, PLAY THE GAME TO WIN FOR YOURSELF! I have never seen a character not willing to play for themselves, but I sense as the week has progressed Turner is definitely on Brittany’s hit list followed by Monte. I just want to see Brittany HAVE TO MAKE A GAME MOVE that doesn’t have Michael’s fingerprints on them, she needs to have her fingerprints on the move to win respect from the jury.

However, I have NOT been on edge this much for a double eviction in a very long time. There are a ton of iterations and possible outcomes depending who wins HOH. Brittany would be fun because she would have to show her cards and make a move people, which she has yet to do. Taylor would pull the trigger and target, Michael or Turner and I’m all for it. Monte and Turner, those clowns would possibly target Alyssa or Taylor and I would as a jury member NOT vote for them on that assertion alone. Then again Michael could be in trouble.

You want to go to the final 3 with the guy who has won 9 competitions and is likely adding more and you think he won’t take you out. Ok, let me know how that turns out because I’m sure if Michael wins POV during the double eviction, he might just prove that you can win out in this game, something that seems nearly impossible, and expect him to nominate Monte or Turner if they’re still in the game after the double eviction.