HOLLYWOOD—After 100 days, it has all come down to this, the end is near for the 25th season of the CBS reality competition series “Big Brother.” Is this the final three I expected, oh, no, no way in hell! Matt I expected, Jag and Bowie, God, I wish Jag would have stayed evicted from week 4, and Bowie got the boot pre-jury because this woman is a complete airhead, as Cirie said during her arrival to the jury house.

For those in the dark, Bowie won the Final Four HOH in another tie breaker; this was the third competition where that happened this season. She nominated Matt and Felicia, and that stupid number ruse Jag and Bowie came up with was just pathetic, I’m sorry. However, the nominations don’t matter it all comes down to the Power of Veto. It was a Days Competition, with photos and numbers that I have truly hated. What happened to the days of old BB with the competition being a literal puzzle or difficult. The comps are just too damn easy and we need a bit more mental and not just how fast you can be.

Jag won his seventh Power of Veto which is a record for the season, but considering he got the boot and was saved by a twist you have to put an asterisk next to those numbers. With that win, now the fun comes because Jag has a golden opportunity to take out his biggest threat to the $750,000: Matt. Felicia disclosed to Jag he didn’t have a shot against Matt in the end, and I don’t think that swayed Jag, he was already thinking about cutting Matt, but now he has a golden opportunity, but the question is rather he takes it or not.

He felt it out with Bowie a bit, who gave Jag nothing before just rolling over and saying it was ok. Like Bowie, Matt leaving at the final four increases your chance of a win, in addition, you cut Jag if you win the final 3 HOH and you take Felicia and there is an opportunity you could win the game. Now, with these moves, the jury already thought you were already drawing dead it is NOW BURIED IN THE GROUND.

Jag was so conflicted, on Sunday it was a back and forth because early morning Jag was ready to send Matt packing, then feeds go down a conversation was had and Matt is suddenly staying. Yeah, Jag you just tossed $750,000 away for loyalty and that argument is not going to go far with the jury because you weren’t loyal to any of them even though you professed it. So we have a final three of Jag, Matt and Bowie.

Matt should win this because his social game was strong, not perfect, losing and letting Cirie go at the Final Five was just horrid gameplay, no way around it. He’s now in a position where he MUST win to get to the end, and that final HOH quiz can be a doozy where Matt hasn’t been great in the quizzes, especially when they will be questions about the jury with plenty of detail.

The one good thing is Matt won Part 1 of the HOH, which Jag and Bowie thought was going to be a given, sorry, you might have wished you gave Matt the boot now right? Jag and Bowie are commiserating about Matt’s win, but they need to just get over it. This is the bed you made and now you have to live in it. However, Jag bounced back with a victory against Bowie in Part 2. So it will be Jag vs. Matt in Part 3, so there is a bit of intrigue. If Jag wins, will he make the move and actually cut Matt or will he cut Bowie because his loyalty is so important.

We could have a situation where Matt actually cuts Jag and takes Bowie, but for Bowie she has boxed herself in a corner, where she could get third place no matter what, but if Felicia had been there, she could have had 2 people taking her to the final two. I was more intrigued to see the Jury Roundtable. Why? I wanted to see precisely how the jury feels about Jag, Bowie and Matt in general and they discuss their criteria for who should win and why.

This was the moment the entire finale I wanted to see the return of Dr. Will Kirby to host the Jury Roundtable and get the jurors response to the final three and the games they played. Felicia made it clear that Jag made a $750,000 mistake. The jury was expecting Jag to evict Matt not Felicia. Bowie was underestimated, and Cirie noted Bowie Jane never had an opinion. America and Cory argued Bowie’s floater game. Felicia and Cirie noted that Bowie followed opinions, not her own game. Cory argued that Jag had plenty of control and manipulation that Cirie gave him credit. Credit was given to Cameron’s competitive prowess, but his social game was atrocious.

The jury made it clear that Jag was evicted from the game, but Matt’s social game was way higher than Matt. Yeah, Matt is given major power for his social prowess and his disability was a strength. The jury had trouble with Matt owning the moves that he made in the game. That jury segment was way too short for me, and it seems like the pacing for this finale is moving at a feverish pitch. I mean we’re already at the Part 3 of the Final HOH and we’re only 40-minutes into a 2-hour episode.

This was going to be a close one because the question we all want to know is rather Jag if he wins would take Matt to the end or honor his deal with Bowie. So it is questions about the jurors and how well they know them, the goal is to choose the false statement out of the 3 statements given. This was a close one, as we were forced to go to a tiebreaker as both got the final question about Felicia wrong. Jag beat Matt by a few minutes. If Matt would have put 170 he would have won.

Will Jag make the move he needs to make or is loyalty about to come into play once again? Jag has broken a record of 10 wins in a single season, I don’t think anyone has ever reached such a feat people and it is indeed impressive to say the least. WOW, Jag here you go with this loyalty mess again. Jag you could have won this game by voting out Matt, you know Matt is the better player and you still take him to the end? This is Cody making the bonehead move from BB16 all over again. Maybe it will work out for Jag.

Jury was a bit surprised to see Bowie and it was time for questions for the finalists. I prefer the old Q/A that we had back in the day. Cirie posed the first question to Matt about moves that he made that wasn’t something that Jag did, and his was using the Path of Power to save Jag who was evicted from the game. Cory asked Jag what were the dynamics and did Jag carry Matt to the final 2. Felicia asked Matt if he planned to ever evict Jag and he mentioned that he planted that seed it was never his intention.

America asked Jag why he didn’t own up to his cowardly moves, but his answer wasn’t strong enough to me. Cameron asked Matt if he strategically lied about taking shots at Jag and he told people what they wanted to hear and he kept information when he needed. Matt is indeed nervous and it’s obvious. Blue gave a great question about Jag being evicted and why he should win over Matt. Jag’s answer was a bit weak in my opinion. Bowie’s question was irrelevant people and these questions were pretty weak if we’re being honest.

Matt really needs to deliver with his final two speech and tug at the heartstrings to recover from the jury Q/A. Matt is killing his final plea to the jury showing his social skills, and his physical presence in the game, and how he only needed to win when he needed to win. Jag pushed the moves that he made and how he was sending every single person of the jury, Jag that was a bit much in my opinion. Show a bit of gratitude that was a bit too arrogant for my liking I’m sorry to say. We know who Cameron and Cory were voting for. Not sure who Blue voted for, whereas America’s vote seemed obvious, but Cirie casted her vote for the person who she seemed most loyal too. Felicia’s vote seemed obvious, as did Bowie, but I’m almost certain this is a very close vote, has to be 4-3, but I’m not sure if it’s Matt or Jag to be honest, which is how you want BB to be, guessing to the final end. The interesting element is seeing the return of the pre-jury to give their thoughts on the season. Mecole was given the question about Cameron being seen like a hero when the house viewed him as a villain. Hisam did get that question about Mecole being a political consultant, but it was fodder.

I cannot believe that so many people got a laugh about Bowie’s profession as a criminal lawyer and the question about Bowie’s actual age. However, the big reveal about Cirie and Jared being mother and son blew people away. The looks on these people’s face is mind-boggling people. Matt said Cory and America, but when Julie revealed it left the entire jury absolutely speechless. The big surprise was Izzy being revealed as the person who knew the secret all along. Julie called out Jared for spilling his secret to Blue which left Cirie flabbergasted. Oh, Cirie was NOT happy. Cirie is not pleased at all.

A question was posed for Reilly about her potential showmance with Matt that never happened, and it was slightly cringe people. The funny thing: no questions for Red or Kirsten. After a drag of the first hour, the second hour was a significant improvement as the votes were revealed and our winner of BB25 is none other than Jag, who won 5-2. I do believe Matt played a way stronger game, but I think that articulation in the Q/A hurt him. Happy for Jag, but I absolutely think Matt played the exceptional game, the jury just didn’t see it

Cirie, Matt and Cameron were the top 3 voters, and the fact that the casuals thought this guy was the hero just proves how lackluster the editing of the series is compared to the feeds. Julie your acting is horrible.

Really Frankie Grande? The good thing is we’re seeing Britney Haynes and Danielle Reyes, and now we have a Christmas themed season of BB. BB Reindeer Games, as legendary BB players compete in a series of games. We will see appearances from Jordan Lloyd BB11 and BB13, Derek X from BB23 and Tiffany Mitchell from BB23. We were also informed that one player from BB25 will get the opportunity to enjoy the fun. Please please do not have Cameron part of this cast. We don’t even know who the contestants are.

All I can say is I’m glad BB25 is over, the ending of this season was such a drag and I hope for BB26, we get returns it is time for a mix because the newbies are just not self-interested enough as players.