HOLLYWOOD—Well, “Big Brother 18” crowned its winner last week in Nicole Franzel, but out with the old and in with the new, because a new version of “Big Brother” titled “Big Brother Over The Top” is slated to hit the online media audience on Wednesday, September 28. Yes, guys, this latest installment is only appearing on the CBS All Access digital platform.

Unlike the CBS aired version of the reality hit, this new take on the reality hit, allows a lot more viewer interaction, and it’s certain to have plenty of twists that will either be a hit for fans of BB or turn off those who adore the series. For starters, we have safety ceremonies that will take place each week. In addition, to that new twist, there is only 13 houseguests this time around, and the newest season will be shorter than the previous installment that lasted close to 100 days.

Oh, one more important note, the grand prize is for $250,000, not the $500,000 prize which is awarded on the television-aired version of the reality hit. That’s still not a bad prize if you ask me. However, it seems the powers that be are still stuck on casting people in their 20s, like what the hell BB? I mean how about a bit more diversity in the aging world. Yet, again more than 75 percent of the contestants are in their 20s and we have one guy who is 40. I think having a few older houseguests can shake up the strategy and level of gameplay that prevents so many showmances, which have become a trend in the last few seasons of the series.

Kryssie Ridolfi. Photo courtesy of CBS.
Kryssie Ridolfi.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

So who is entering the BB house this time around? Well, we have sisters Alex Willett, 25, and Morgan Willett, 22, both from Texas. Hmm, these ladies are sisters; they don’t look like it, so that might work in their advantage. If they can stay under the radar and not make it obvious of their connection, they could go far in the game.

We have Michael “Cornbread” Ligon, 41, the oldest contestant in the house, and he looks like he will indeed be a funny character this season. There is the hunk of the house in Monte Massongill, 25, from Mississippi. I can definitely see him in a showmance with law school graduate Shelby Stockton, 24, of Arizona or perhaps Whitney Hogg, 21, a medical assistant from Kentucky.

Monte Massongill. Photo courtesy of CBS.
Monte Massongill.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

Yeah, “Big Brother: Over The Top” has plenty of pretty faces this time around. There is Danielle Lickey, 23, a preschool teacher from Visalia, California, who has a gorgeous face people, and is a fan of the series. Neeley Jackson, 33, a sales associate from Fort Worth, Texas, who seems like she could be the firecracker this season not afraid to speak her mind. Of course, you have to have a super fan or two, and we have one in Scott Dennis, 24, who happens to be a debt collector from Bangor, Maine. We have two potential rockers this season with Kryssie Ridolfi, 31, from Chicago, Illinois and Shane Chapman, 24, from Brevard, North Carolina. I will admit Kryssie looks like a contestant that could indeed shake-up the house. There is also a cook in the house in the form of New Orleans restaurant owner Justin Duncan.

Danielle Lickey. Photo courtesy of CBS.
Danielle Lickey.
Photo courtesy of CBS.

Oh, and we can’t forget about the first twist, which will see either Jason Roy from “Big Brother 17” or Jozea Flores aka ‘The Messiah’ from “Big Brother 18” voted into the house by the public. I’ll be honest, it would have been epic to see Jason appear on “Big Brother 18” could you imagine how entertaining the live feeds would have been people? Fingers crossed Jason gets a second chance to play the game. I mean he totally tanked his game the first time around and I’m certain he has learned his lesson if given a second shot.

So am I in on “Big Brother: Over The Top?” Not certain just yet, I’d love the opportunity to see the latest season air episodes each week, but for a true die-hard you’ll watch the series in any format delivered to fans. However, I will admit the fact that we have so much influence from the audience who will choose the winner, and I’m certain more fan votes and twists are likely in play. The new season of “Big Brother: Over The Top” premieres on Wednesday, September 28 on CBS All Access.