HOLLYWOOD—I was almost certain that Christopher Nolan’s intergalactic epic “Interstellar” would top the box-office, but it was an animated flick that claimed the top prize. “Big Hero 6” was the winner by a few million with a hefty $56 million.

“Interstellar” started the weekend looking like a possible victor, but “Big Hero” edged out the Nolan flick with a few million. The sci-fi epic did do stellar business with about $50 million. Between both films, over $100 million was amounted at the box-office.

Grabbing the #3 spot was “Gone Girl” which looks to stay in the top five until perhaps December.  The flick which opened in October has maintained its grip on audiences dropping ever so slightly each week at the box-office. The film added another $6.1 million to its tally and is very close to surpassing the $150 million mark. Can’t remember the last time a flick remained in the top five for more than six weeks in quite some time.

Audiences are still looking for scares as “Ouija” found a way to scare up another $6 million to its total. Most horror flicks see significant drops after its first week in theaters, but “Ouija” is proving to have legs. Rounding out the top five was the dramedy “St. Vincent” starring Bill Burry with a little over $5 million.