HOLLYWOOD—It has finally arrived people, the second season finale of the HBO hit “Big Little Lies” has dawned on us. This has been a fun season, where the big villain has been none other than Meryl Streep’s character Mary Louise. Mary Louise has been unstoppable up to this point, but Celeste had an ace up her sleeve in the episode, ‘I Want to Know.’ This was a great episode, and really set the stage for season three.

I think HBO knows it has a major hit on its hands and does not want to let it go anytime soon, especially based on that cliffhanger. Things kicked off with our primary players planning for that battle in the courtroom. Celeste was still mourning Perry as she watched family videos, but spotted something disturbing that left her aghast.

Renata had a run-in with Mary Louise that was hilarious as Renata flipped out, just as Mary Louise continued to poke. That woman doesn’t know how harsh her words can be at times. Celeste was prepared to grill her mother-in-law on the stand, just as Mary Louise’s lawyer informed her to play by the script. This entire courtroom drama seems to revolve around Perry’s brother. The question I want to know is precisely what happened that led to the mayhem.

The courtroom theatrics were excellent. Give Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman the Emmy already people because these two were utterly fantastic in my opinion. This is what you call a testament to fine acting. Celeste started off nice, but really dug in the dagger as she got under Mary Louise’s skin about her son Raymond dying in a car crash. So now we get to the gist of what may have led to Perry’s violent behavior. Celeste drove a strong point that Mary Louise not only emotionally, but physically abused Perry.

Celeste really went in for the kill against Mary Louise as she played video of Perry abusing her. The stunner was the revelation that one of her kids recorded the video. The condition of Bonnie’s mother didn’t seem to improve, and for a moment I thought Bonnie was about to kill her mother. Instead she forgave her, and her mom awakens, but all is not good. Why? She suffered another stroke and Bonnie was dealt a devastating blow: her mother died.

Bonnie in what I thought was going to be a confession to change the game, told Nathan she did NOT LOVE HIM! Whoa, that amazed me, because I thought she was about to confess to murder. That is indeed a devastating blow for Nathan people. While that couple was crumbling, Madeline and Ed came to an agreement to renew their vows, which took Madeline by welcome surprise.

At last, the verdict in the courtroom was read and the judge ruled in favor of Celeste, leaving Mary Louise floored. Celeste showed compassion for her mother-in-law, as she had Max and Josh show their grandma a bit of love. It was a sweet moment to say the least. Renata has always been one on edge, but she flipped when she learned Gordon got to keep his toys, while she lost just about everything. She took a bat and went ham on his prized possessions. I loved every moment of it.

So it looks like everything is ending well here, Madeline and Ed are happy, Corey and Jane took their relationship to the next level, Renata severed ties with her hubby, and Celeste got her boys. However, there was one major caveat: Bonnie. She arrived at the police station, but she was not alone as Celeste, Renata, Madeline and Jane were by her side. Looks like a confession or the truth finally comes out, but at what cost. Very interesting development, I wonder what the writers of “Big Little Lies” has in store for season three.