HOLLYWOOD—We have only two episodes left, before the second season of “Big Little Lies” wraps. The latest episode, ‘Kill Me’ was a bit slow in my opinion, but it is indeed setting the stage for the penultimate episode before the finale on July 21. Things kicked off with Bonnie struggling with the guilt of being responsible for Perry’s tumbling down those stairs that ultimately led to his death. Ed and Nathan continued to battle, as Nathan tried to bridge the gap with his ex-wife’s hubby. I think Ed is truly embracing his mean streak, which is a welcome change, especially by the end of the episode.

Celeste and Mary Louise did battle in court, as the custody battle for Josh and Max intensified. Wow, Mary Louise is a delusional woman; she just cannot see the error of her ways people. Bonnie was happy to see that her mother’s condition was slowly improving, even though she still could not talk. Renata provided advice to Celeste about her custody battle, but when Renata received news that she was not going to be included in a magazine because of her of husband’s legal woes.

Ziggy was getting bullied in school, which led to Josh and Max coming to his rescue. The three brothers pummeled the bully who had to get stitches as a result. This resulted in Max, Josh and Ziggy learning some disturbing things about their father. Celeste and Jane were thrown for a loop by having to address Perry’s past with their kids. I always knew Bonnie and her mother had a fractured relationship, but now we know why. Bonnie’s mother was not an easy one to live with, and Bonnie holds some resentment to her mother, and her father for his antics.

Ed and Madeline went on a retreat in an attempt to repair issues in their marriage. Too bad the retreat was a bust, which resulted in Madeline breaking down and confessing more truths to Ed about her behavior and misdeeds. Renata decided to take a crack at Mary Louise, but her passive aggressive behavior left Renata boiling with blood.

When Celeste spoke to Josh and Max about not being violent, it led to one of the boys calling her a b**ch and Celeste snapped. That is what makes “Big Little Lies” so great, the acting and response for Nicole Kidman’s character was riveting and just sent chills down the spine. Mary Louise’s lawyer offered an agreement that included joint custody, but Celeste immediately shut down that opportunity.

She later relayed to Bonnie, Jane, Renata and Madeline that they could be called to testify in her custody case. Hmm, looks like this is an angle on Mary Louise’s part to find out what truly happened to her son. Be careful what you wish for Mary Louise, you may not like the outcome. Someone is about to crack, the question is who? Ziggy was worried he might turn out just like his father, just as Celeste spoke to her boys about the custody battle. I thought Celeste was going to try to convince the boys to testify on her behalf, but she is quite honorable people; just informing them to tell the truth if they want to continue living with her.

Bonnie and her father revisited their tumultuous past, just as Abigail and Madeline continued to bond, but Mary Louise felt Madeline’s wrath. Gosh, I love Reese Witherspoon in this role; it’s feisty and a character that could care less whose feelings she hurts. Jane and Corey was about to take their relationship to the next level, but Jane’s trauma halted things in their tracks. Bonnie informed her mother to focus on her health, which resulted in dear ole mom telling her daughter to kill her.

The episode, culminated with Ed being tempted by Tori (remember that woman from the first episode of the season). So will Ed travel down that rabbit hole or resist temptation? We’ll find out next week, until then “Big Little Lies” fans!