HOLLYWOOD—This was indeed a very fun episode of “Big Little Lies.” Last week the audience was reintroduced to the core five, but in this latest episode, ‘Tell-Tale Hearts’ we saw each of the ladies worlds fall apart as secrets were exposed or surfaced. To kick things off Celeste crashed her vehicle after taking some medication to help her sleep at night. As a result, Madeline came to her rescue, where the ladies stumbled upon Bonnie who was walking on the side of the road; she was in quite the daze to say the least, which worried Bonnie.

Renata was indulging in her newfound celebrity fame, but that immediately came to a halt when her hubby was arrested for cyber securities fraud. It was indeed fun watching Mary Louise and Madeline continue to trade spars. It is quite obvious that these two women do not like one another, not to mention the fact that both women suspect the other is harboring ulterior motives. Jane is cozying up to her co-worker Corey, but is being cautious along the way. Celeste confessed to her therapist about her convoluted relationship with Perry, and it’s apparent this guy has a major lock on this woman, even though he is dead.

Gordon explained to Renata that they could be broke within a matter of months, and the well composed woman flipped out; its apparent Renata didn’t grow up with a lot of money and has worked her entire life to ensure she never returned to that life. So money drives this woman, interesting to know. Another surprise was delivered for Bonnie, when she realized that Nathan asked her mother to come to town, portrayed by Crystal Fox. It seems Bonnie and her mom have a fractured relationship.

Bonnie alluded to her mother’s excessive drinking during a night out on the town, and she apparently has visions. It seems Bonnie’s mom hit the nail right on the coffin realizing that Perry’s death was the night everything changed for her daughter. Realizing that her twins, Josh and Max could be falling into the troupe of becoming more like their father, Celeste had a heart to heart-to-heart talk with her boys, but it seems Mary Louise is really getting inside their head. The friction between Mary Louise and Celeste continued to build as the truth about her son’s violent behavior and not so cookie cutter image came to fruition. I sense a lot of Perry’s behavior is a direct result of his overbearing and her notion of perfection at all cost. When Max and Josh got into a slight tiff, one of the kids resulted in physically attacking his mother, forcing her to push him to the ground screaming “You won’t be like him.”

When Celeste discovered that Max and Josh knew about Ziggy being their brother she flipped, as did Jane. Want to know who broke the news? It was Madeline’s daughter, Chloe who was ear hustling on her mother’s conversation. Madeline was NOT pleased to learn that news and alerted the ladies of the secret that was spreading. That resulted in Celeste and Jane having tough conversations with their children. Mary Louise refused to listen to the FACT that her son raped Jane and Ziggy is the result of that rape. Again, her behavior explains so much about Perry’s people.

Renata read the riot act to her hubby for his crimes which will have major fallout for the family. Abigail dropped a major secret in front of Ed about Madeline’s affair, unaware that he was home. Madeline tried to cover, but it was not working. Ed was livid and as a result told his wife it was over. The episode culminated with Bonnie’s mother showcasing yet again she is not to be trusted, as she awoke Nathan in the middle of the night. The core of this episode was parents and their children, and their goal in aiming to protect their kids at all costs.

I’m looking forward to the coming week’s episode as it appears Mary Louise will head to the police with her theory that her son did not slip, but was murdered. Oh, things are getting good America. Until next Sunday “Big Little Lies” lovers!