HOLLYWOOD—Another episode, another revelation on “Big Little Lies.” This time it is undeniably certain that Mary Louise is delusional. In the episode, “The End of the World” the ramifications of Perry’s death on that fatal night was relieved by Bonnie, as well as several of the other ladies, as the husbands became well aware something was not right with their significant other.

Madeline decided therapy might be the key to saving her marriage to Ed in the midst of the bombshell that she cheated on him. Her therapist struck several chords with the snarky one as she talked about her past marriage and her relationship with her parents. The thought that her son could be a rapist did not register well with Mary Louise, who accused Jane of lying. Jane defended herself and Ziggy, which appeared to strike a major chord with this headstrong woman.

Perry’s behavior is becoming clearer by the minute because Mary Louise wanted him to be perfect and in every aspect. Renata freaked out when she discovered that her daughter was hospitalized for an anxiety attack. Man this woman is an emotional mess; she flips out at the drop of a dime and started to point fingers in all directions. Long story short, Renata and Gordon’s daughter was perceptive to the fact that her mother has not been herself, not to mention she is worried about dad spending a long time in jail.

Celeste had a serious bruise on her arm that her therapist spotted, which seemed to come out of left field. The question becomes where did Celeste get that bruise from? Was it from that fight with the boys from the previous episode or was it self-inflicted? Jane and Corey are still getting closer, but Jane’s walls are way up, however, Corey was indeed bonding with Ziggy as they took to the water for some surfing lessons.

Why do I sense Mary Louise only wants to see the good in her son, and not the bad? This makes me question a possible secret in Perry’s past that his mother does not want to come to surface. Ziggy laid eyes on his grandmother, but had no idea as to who he was actually looking at. This prompted Jane to have a sit down with Mary Louise, where the wise woman shared photos of Perry and his brother to Jane. Yes, the resemblance between Perry and Ziggy was uncanny. Things were going well until Mary Louise proposed once again that perhaps Jane misinterpreted what happened between Perry and Jane.

Jane made it clear to Mary Louise that Perry raped her. Madeline attempted to chat with Ed, as he had a conversation with Bonnie, who was in a much perkier mood than normal. I didn’t think of this while watching the episode, but could it be possible that Bonnie and Ed hook up? Ed gave Madeline the cold shoulder, as she broke down in Celeste’s car hoping to garner some advice on her fragile situation. Renata and Madeline discussed the situation involving the end of the world at school, just as Mary Louise picked up another clue: Renata, Celeste and Madeline are connected. They were all there the night that Perry died and at his funeral.

Nathan wasn’t the only person who realized that his wife was hiding something, as Gordon pegged his wife was harboring a secret as well. It caused Renata to have a moment of self-reflection to acknowledge that her spiraling might be hurting her daughter more than helping her. Madeline’s emotions got the best of her at the school assembly as she publicly broke down in tears, leaving her pals worried about her. Madeline received comfort from Abigail of all people.

Celeste has finally seen the light involving Mary Louise after she caught her rummaging thru her medicine cabinet. It prompted Celeste to inform her mother-in-law that she needs to find another place to stay. Jane and Corey hugged it out, just as Jane discussed a bit more about her past. The episode culminated with Celeste proving that Perry has a MAJOR grip on her life as she was seen pleasuring herself while watching a video of her late husband. While not the most dramatic episode, the breadcrumbs are being laid to what will ultimately lead to a fracture between the women.