Big Love, A Polygamy Of Drama

HOLLYWOOD —HBO’s great hit “Big Love” is one of the best dramatic series on television. Sunday night’s episode titled “Sins of the Father” was absolutely incredible. Bill played by Bill Paxton pulled out all the stops in his efforts to win Paley’s (Perry King) support for the state senate nomination, while Nicki played by Chloë Sevigny relished her role as his campaign’s “secret weapon.” Marilyn, played by Oscar-winner Sissy Spacek, made a pitch to represent the casino’s interests in Washington, but encountered resistance from Tommy (Adam Beach). Frank played by actor Bruce Dern picked an inopportune moment to drop by the casino with Lois (Grace Zabriskie) and Jodean (Mireille Enos). Bill absorbed a last-minute sucker punch from Colburn played by Tom Amandes, but turned the tide by embracing the Lost Boy in himself.


Lost boys are young men who are part of the Fundamentalist sect of the Mormon church who are often turned away or cast out by their fathers and other male elders because of their potential threat of becoming involved with any of the women that are part of the polygamist sect. Though the practice of polygamy has been outlawed officially by the LDS for over a century, some still practice it, Bill does and he’s playing with fire trying to win an election for state senate while keeping two of his three sister-wives hidden from the public and his political opponents.

Bill’s son has been accidentally cast out by his father and he’s now living with Bill’s parents. It was one of the most moving scenes in the series when Bill walked into a campaign rally building to find his opponent’s operatives had plastered his teenage mug shot all over the walls. Bill turned the tables, he embraced his past and that honesty won him over all the voters, so he’s now received the party’s nomination to run for office of state senator.

Bill has not only his secret life and family’s past to worry about. He has made a complete enemy out of Marilyn, played brilliantly by Sissy Spacek. He turned on her and that’s definitely going to come back to haunt him in the weeks to come. Marilyn is a savvy and aggressive lawyer, who didn’t take lightly to being betrayed by Bill. Fans on the official Facebook page had varying opinions about the latest episode.

Martin DelTio said, “I like Sissy’s character. But, it would be better if she went into the Sybil character. Now, that would be good. I could see bill doing an exorcism and then exiling her!”

“The political storyline is getting a little boring. And it seems like they are shaky on the rest of the storylines, like they are not exactly sure where they want to go with them. I hope they start pulling it together,” said Kendra Ann.

I respectfully disagree with Kendra’s assessment. I think the political storyline brings the subject current, especially with what is going on with the LDS church in Utah currently and the political pressure from the rest of the nation to break the rare instances of polygamy. Though Kendra is a great fan of the series and is only offering an educated and respectful opinion. HBO expressed to me this week how much they love hearing from their viewers.

Emily Rivera had plenty to say. “Bill is becoming everything he once hated, Barb is judging Margie but I just saw some flirting going on from her, Nicki feels offended by receiving all the morally gray stuff but… HELLO!! She’s the one who’s constantly lying and deflecting whenever she’s in trouble and why in H”¦ is Bill’s mom helping his father? [Sic]”

Fans are dedicated to the series that has changed the face of polygamy in America. David Petrarca directed the episode impeccably, especially his scenes between Sissy Spacek and Bill Paxton. The episode was written by Seth Greenland.

Wesley Stouffer Diehl concluded on Facebook how most of us felt on Sunday. “This show gets more complicated with every episode. I hate the end of the show, because I know I have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next,” stated Diehl.

This week’s episode airs on HBO at 9 p.m. If fans thought last week was complicated, this week’s episode will not disappoint. Look for exciting secrets to be revealed and even more drama than the last episode. Good news from HBO. Canyon News can report the series has been renewed and season five will be in the works.

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Photograph Courtesy: Lacey Terrell/HBO