Big Love, Never Leaves You Hanging

HOLLYWOOD —The Sunday, February 14, episode of HBO’s “Big Love” was titled “Under One Roof,” though “off the hook” would have been a better description. The episode moved very quickly and it was written impeccably by Coleman Herbert and directed by Dan Attias. So many storylines were going on in this one episode, but all were weaved precisely into a shocking climax.

Ana (Branka Katic) resurfaced with a surprise revelation that shook up the family. Not only is she pregnant, but she became pregnant by Bill before she became his wife. Sister wife, and Bill’s first wife Barb was stunned by that revelation. Bill has on two occasions committed adultery on Barb and she was not happy about it. It caused Barb to side with Marilyn (Sissy Spacek) in agreeing to hire her to lobby on behalf of the casino. Spacek is brilliant as the bull-dozing styled Washington D.C. attorney who has one agenda. Make money off of her clients and shove anyone out of the way who gets in her path.


Dale and Alby on Big Love

On a side note in the casino storyline, Bill tried to get Tommy and Jerry (Robert Beltran) to re-brand the casino and expand its advertising into Idaho. Jerry was very hesitant and warned Bill that Evangelicals can be very dangerous to fight and Barb explained that Evangelicals have a hatred of Mormons. That revelation left Tommy and Jerry a bit unnerved.

Lois and Frank took Bill’s son Ben (Douglas Smith) and Jodean south of the border to visit Don Dona (Mel Rodriguez), a bird vendor, at their collective peril. It was shocking to see the kidnapping in Mexico of this group and everyone is left wondering what will happen to them, especially to Ben. Back home in Utah, Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin) worries about the impact of Bill’s future outing on her booming business. Bill finally showed his wives the home he hopes to buy soon so they can all live publicly under one roof. Fans and viewers know his political life is about to catch up to him.

Perhaps the most shocking storyline of the night was when Dale (Ben Koldyke) out of humiliation of being exposed to the public as a homosexual was unable to live with it and hanged himself in the apartment get-away he and Alby were sharing (played by Matt Ross). Fans are all over the place with their favorite storylines, but all collectively felt this was a well-written and acted episode.

On the official “Big Love” Facebook page many fans had their say. Christine Etoll Stratton said, “OMG, what an episode. That episode had more in it than the whole season so far. Wow is all I can say.” Steff Ehm stated, “What an amazing episode!! The ending was crazy, totally did not see that coming. Hurry up next Sunday and get here!!”

“This was the best episode of ”˜Big Love’ yet! I am so excited for the rest of the season,” said Laura Wolter. After the ending, the preview for next week played and fan Gale White concluded, “Next week looks amazing!” Gale is right. Next week is going to be as much of a fun ride as the past few episodes. To catch up with other comments about the show from fans go to the official Facebook page at

“Big Love” airs on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on HBO.

Photographs Courtesy: Lacey Terrell/HBO