UNITED STATES—The 59th presidential election will take place in less than one hundred days and big tech companies will do anything to keep Americans on the left side of the political agenda that has been supported and driven by companies including Google, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook and YouTube.

Americans have been motivated by fear and anxiety just as the dems hoped for so that when it comes time to mark your boxes on November 3, your association with Donald Trump is consistent with how you feel now and any hope for change only comes with voting blue.

Frontline doctors took a stand this week to say that they are tired of COVID 19 being politicized and that Americans should have hope for the future because we are being held down by “this spiderweb of fear.” They confirmed that there is treatment, that children are not a threat to their mates and teachers, and we can start to get back to normal life as we once knew it.

As you can imagine this did not sit well with the big tech companies and this video of hard-working doctors giving facts was taken down from every major search engine because of “censorship.” News outlets that posted it were “under investigation.” For what you might ask? Well, because America has to be scared, cooped up sheep for just a little bit longer. Children should be kept from play dates and education, families should be distanced from loved ones and sports should be put on pause (unless of course Dr. Anthony Fauci wants to sit in on a MLB game, without a mask on—that’s allowed).

The foundation of America and the rights we fought so hard to have are being diminished right before our very eyes. Censorship that was once a held to a moral and ethical standard is completely controlled by left wing dems.

Ohio Representative, Jim Jordan spoke at committee hearing and stated several examples of censorship that impede on the First Amendment right.

Some examples included the following:

  • April 19 Google and YouTube announced they will censor content that conflicts with recommendations from the WHO.
  • June 29 Amazon banned President Trump on Twitch after he raised concerns about defunding the police.
  • June 4 Google banned a book critical of COVID 19 lockdowns written by a conservative commentator.
  • June 19 Facebook took down a post from Trump’s reelection campaign.
  • Nov 1 2018 Facebook silenced a pro life post.
  • Four members of congress got shadow banned on Twitter including Jordan and when asked why, CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey said it was a “glitch in the algorithm.”
  • May 28 Twitter censored Trump’s tweet about riots in Minneapolis as well as the White House comments about the riots that quoted the president.
  • June 23 Twitter censored Trump when he spoke about enforcing rule of law against any autonomous zones in Washington D.C.
  • July 21 Twitter did not censor the leaders of Iran when they threatened to “strike a reciprocal blow in the United States.”

He said, in 2016, there was proof of Google exchanging emails talking about the “silent donation” made to the Clinton campaign. He also raised concern that 97 days before the election, “The power that these companies have to impact what happens during the election and what Americans get to see prior to their voting in pretty darn important.”

Cancel culture has spread like wildfire in recent months. As previous New York Times editor and writer, Bari Weiss said in her resignation letter in mid July, “Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper.” There are no repercussions for those in charge and some of those who perpetuate the behavior are Twitter trolls who spend most of their time sitting behind their devices with a bag of Doritos and a Sprite who think they’re making a difference in the world when their vacation days consist of burning down buildings and screaming at officers who put their lives on the line to save and protect United States citizens. At a Portland protest, some of these people laughed at the thought of officers dying. Of course that video is quite hard to find now.

California Governor, Gavin Newsom has expressed the importance of wearing a mask during the pandemic and stated that hospitals are overwhelmed with patients. Earlier this month, The LA Times claimed, “hospitalizations have hit a new high.” However, a UCLA medical officer posted on social media to say that they are not seeing an overwhelming amount of patients. She went as far as to state that she was “confused” at the political narrative going on and that ICUs are not filling up.

If America doesn’t have access to facts and the whole truth, then there is no way to make critical decisions that determine our future. “Do you research” seems to be the most popular quote of 2020, yet we are all sitting here covering our mouths (literally), compliant with the false narratives and driven by fear. Censorship has nothing to do with protecting Americans and everything to do with money and power of those who are taking advantage of your rights and your freedom.