HOLLYWOOD—This was teased a few weeks back, but to actually see the writers take a stab at the love affair between Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer is indeed a risky one to say the least. Katie has been on a downward spiral for weeks after overhearing Brooke and Bill confess their feelings for one another. Amidst that revelation, Katie has been suspecting that her husband and her sister are still secretly hooking up, so imagine what will transpire when she actually gets wind of what these two have been doing behind her back.

I mean Brooke, come on, this is your SISTER, you can have any man out there, why are you vying for someone who is already married? Katie was livid the first time she learned about her sister and Bill’s affair, I think this time, the confrontation will be epic and Katie might be out for blood, so Brooke better be prepared for an onslaught that will rip her life apart once and for all.

Someone has already got wind of the tryst, because Rick, Brooke’s son, walked in on Bill and Brooke getting busy.  Hmm, will Rick keep this information to himself, or will he feel obliged to alert his aunt Katie of what her hubby and his mother have been up to. I mean Bill was responsible for splashing that epic story over his publication involving Maya; this is just karma if you ask me.

Speaking of Rick, he and Aunt Katie are getting seemingly close in their quest to bring down Ridge. I mean Katie already knows the truth about Douglas, whereas Rick is still doing his best to piece together the mystery that has been in front of his eyes for months. Be careful Rick, you’re on another power trip, and the fall from grace can happen quicker than one can blink.

That brings the conversation back to Bill who has so much drama going on in his life; I’m surprised he has not had a mental breakdown. Why? Well, beyond his personal issues, he is dealing with the ongoing drama involving his sons Wyatt and Liam. Yes, both brothers are still fighting for the affection of Steffy. Yeah, this love triangle is still going very strong people. Wyatt is scrambling because he recently discovered that his marriage to Steffy is not legal, Liam is certain of that factoid and has been putting pressure on Steffy to come back to him. However, she is torn!

I find this stunning because she seemed destined to be with Liam, but with the interruptions of Hope, Ivy and most recently Quinn, Liam has no idea of what it is he truly wants. Perhaps, he should take a moment and find himself. For Bill it’s no easy pill to swallow because how do you pick one son over the other? Well, it’s simple, Bill has always showed allegiance to Liam, so I think for once in his life he needs to be an ally and father to Wyatt who has ALWAYS played second fiddle to his brother. Not only are the brothers competing in the arena of love, but now in the world of business to take Spencer Publications to the next level.

Lastly, the Avant clan looks to be recovering best can be after the Sasha paternity bombshell, the fake pregnancy ruse and the affair that nearly destroyed a happy couple. Nicole and Zende have reunited, but its evident that Nicole still doesn’t trust her sister Sasha and Zende. Sorry people, the chemistry between Zende and Sasha is just more electric than what exists between him and Nicole.

So what does Nicole do? She sabotages another career opportunity for Zende by noting she didn’t want him shooting lingerie shoots with her sister who would be wearing very little to nothing. Sasha is aware of the sacrifice, and Zende has put on a ‘happy’ face for now, but it’s only a matter of time before resentment begins to settle in.

I’ll be honest people, I’m dying for this secret affair between Bill and Brooke to come out much sooner than later to see Katie’s reaction, as well as Liam who thinks so holy of his father. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays at 1:30 p.m. on CBS.