HOLLYWOOD—It is very difficult to craft a villain on daytime television who is just evil to the core, but has just enough heart to make you feel a bit of sympathy for the character. However, Bill Spencer has been wicked to the core on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Just when you think this guy has turned over a new leaf, he sets his sights on something and he NEVER lets it go until he has it.

Do I really need to go over the laundry list of horrid things that Bill has done over the past year? Not really, but let me do a quick recap. Bill set Spectra Fashions ablaze, he nearly killed Sally and Liam when he blew up a building, he slept with Steffy (his son’s wife) and recently fabricated a lie that shattered three lives along the way.

Bill was certain he crossed all his t’s and dotted all his I’s to ensure Wyatt kept that secret about his and Steffy’s ‘affair’ quiet. However, Wyatt dropped a bomb on Liam and Hope during the day of their wedding which led to a cancellation. Ridge gloated per usual; this guy can really be a hypocrite sometimes. As much as you’ve cheated on your wives in the past and most recently hooking up with your father’s wife, you need to take several seats. Liam has NOT made a choice, and you’re doing precisely what Bill is guilty of doing: you’re interfering in your child’s life.

Steffy was an idiot for sleeping with Bill and there are consequences for those actions rather you like it or not. A parent sleeping with their child’s spouse is a very tough pill to swallow. I don’t care who you are. Liam has every right to be livid and an emotional mess. Yes, his estranged wife is pregnant with his child, but that does not mean he can’t still be a good father.

Bill faced another round of tongue lashing that has become expected and predictable. To be honest I see this as a way to only push Bill to amplify his antics to get what he wants. Wyatt told dear ole dad he dropped the bomb on Liam, which led to Bill virtually disowning his son. Not only is Wyatt losing the keys to the company, but that expensive painting and car are also kaput. Next in line, Liam confronted his dad about interfering once again in his love life. Yes, Liam has every right to be upset, but I’m not buying for one single second that if it wasn’t for Bill telling that lie he would still be with Steffy.

I do not believe that, that is an excuse Liam made to give himself the reasons to sever ties with Steffy. I mean she slept with his dad, how in the world can someone ever forgive something like that? Like Liam said, the betrayal stings and trying to eliminate that image from one’s mind is a difficult task to say the least. Bill was not apologetic for his actions, and it led to Dollar Bill confronting Steffy who gave Bill a piece of her mind, and her reaction led to a cautionary tale: when pregnant be careful. Why? Steffy took a tumble as a result of her confrontation with Bill causing her to be rushed to the hospital.

This is something that will not sit well with many people, especially Liam and Ridge. I really see World War III about to kick-off between Ridge and Bill and if we thought it was ugly before it’s really about to get ugly. Brooke is certain to give her ex-husband a taste of her mind for interfering in her daughter’s love life. Brooke is very protective of her daughter and rightfully so. We’ve seen this back and forth love-triangle with Steffy, Liam and Hope for years and I mean years. I want to be honest; I’m over this ever-ending love tale. I mean Liam and Hope, Hope and Wyatt, Steffy and Liam, Steffy and Wyatt, jeez already this tale is getting old and very stale at the same time.

Come on already writers; give the audience something we haven’t seen already. Are we about to be waiting in limbo for another year before Liam makes an actual decision? A love triangle is good the first time around, but I don’t want to see it for 5-6 years straight. Give it a rest already. If the writers really want to shake things up, make Bill the father of Steffy’s daughter.

Yeah, I’m still not buying the fact that Liam is the baby daddy. Why? Well it seems too convenient, not to mention the couple had been struggling for years to get pregnant. I feel some funny business transpired behind the scenes thanks to Bill Spencer himself. I would NOT be surprised if Bill pulled a few strings. In TV, just like cinema we all want to see our villains face a comeuppance, but Bill Spencer did get shot courtesy of Taylor and that didn’t change him. So the question I have to ask as a “B&B” fan is rather there is anything that will knock down Bill Spencer a bit. Yes, a death of someone he cares dearly about, but is the soap willing to go down that route? Not sure, but it would be fun as hell to watch if it did transpire.

Bill has that trump card involving Taylor shooting him, which I think it’s about time he utilizes that to get what he wants. Steffy may not like it, neither will Ridge, but perhaps Taylor should have thought about that before pulling the trigger. Come on “B&B” writers let’s shake things up a bit, just like you did last summer with Sheila’s unexpected return.