HOLLYWOOD—I expected this to transpire a while ago, but I never really thought the writers of the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” would take this route. For starters, Liam Spencer, the goody too shoes has crossed over to the dark side, and Bill Spencer is out for blood and not in the best way America. All this madness is a direct result of Bill Spencer’s decision to ensure Justin did the impossible to destroy Spectra Fashions by committing arson. Once Liam discovered his father’s dirty deed he decided it was time to make a major move and got his father to confess on tape, and cue the blackmail.

Not only did Liam threaten to turn his father into authorities, but he took over Spencer Publications. Bill was livid, decking his son in the face and just spiraling out of control. Not only has his misdeed cost him his company, but Brooke walked out on Bill after learning of his dastardly deed. So for Bill things look finished, but he has a new plan in place. Bill is getting quite close with Steffy Forrester people. Yeah, that is Liam’s wife, and she is none too happy with the division between father and son.

Bill is a dirty fiend, but would he really seduce and bed his son’s wife to get revenge? Without a doubt he would and he is slowly, but surely starting to enact his masterplan which will not only take Liam by surprise, but is likely to anger a few more people in the process including: Katie, Brooke and Ridge. Why didn’t I include Wyatt in the mix? He’s in the middle somewhere; Wyatt is not all bad, but he is not all good. He’s willing to keep a secret for the sake of a benefit to himself; however, if it places him in a tough spot he might grow a conscience.

This is not welcome news for Bill because Brooke is already livid with her ex, and if he does intend to make the moves on Steffy it will indeed ignite a war between Ridge and Bill that will not end well. Katie, who was cheated on her ex TWICE with her own sister, might sever all ties with her ex once and for all. While Bill is committing the deed, Liam is not so innocent in the mix. He is getting cozier by the minute with Sally Spectra. I liked Sally and Thomas together, but the powers that be has killed that relationship and moved towards ‘Saliam.’ Yeah I like the name too. They make a cute couple; she is indebted to Liam for saving her company and they are spending plenty of time together. So right now it’s a question of who will make the first move to kill their marriage: Bill or Liam? Time will tell.

The Liam vs. Bill battle isn’t the only drama taking place on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” There is a bit more madness people, that madness is courtesy of Sheila Carter, who Quinn thought was out of her life. Oh Quinn, you have no idea what enemy you have created. Not only did Sheila spill the tea about Wyatt and Katie’s secret relationship to Eric, but she has found a new ally in Mateo. Yes, Mateo is the new hot guy who is running the Forrester Estate.

Eric is happy with the kid, and Quinn seems to be unnoticeably flirting with Mateo without realizing that she is doing it. However, the fact that Mateo is taking funds from Sheila shows he is willing to do what is needed to help his family, even if it means betraying Eric and seducing Quinn. Making things more chaotic is that Eric is already suspicious of Mateo and warned him if he betrays him, he will indeed pay greatly.

As a viewer, I’m not 100 percent sold on this plan, but let’s see how things will play out as time progresses. Like I said before, Sheila’s return to the canvas has delivered an element of treachery that has been missing from the soap for way too long America way too long. With November sweeps fast approaching, I’m dying to see what storylines will explode front and center “Bold and Beautiful” fanatics!