HOLLYWOOD—I will be honest “The Bold and the Beautiful” has been one of my favorite soaps in the past 2 years. They know how to escalate drama in a way that leaves the audience on the edge of their seat. A lot of the thanks in the past few months has to go directly to Don Diamont aka Bill Spencer. Dollar Bill is a character that you love to hate; some of the deeds he commits are beyond alarming to say the least. Well, he might have finally gone too far because he’s about to pay the ultimate price.

Just when Bill was calm, Katie slapped him with a custody suit, which fueled Bill’s rage, but it was Ridge’s decision to bribe a judge that changed everything. Brooke tore into her hubby before informing Katie the truth, which only further strengthened Bill and Brooke’s bond. As a result, Bill kissed Brooke which Steffy witnessed and told her father.

Ridge was livid, but he forgave Brooke, I mean this is the same guy who engaged in a ton of smooches with Quinn, his father’s wife. Ridge wanted blood and when he shared with Thorne what transpired, the brothers who have been at odds for years, bonded to take out a common enemy: Bill! Ridge and Thorne paid Bill a visit who gloated about his recent turn of events, but utter mayhem transpired as a brawl erupted. Punches were thrown and in the end Ridge pushed Bill off a balcony placing him in a coma.

Yes, this is the second time in a year that Bill has been hospitalized. The first time he was shot in the back by Taylor, this time he’s pushed off a balcony, which means the guy is hated. Brooke and Katie were livid with their husbands for their role in Bill’s current predicament. While Bill isn’t going to die, there will be major repercussions from the actions at hand. Detective Sanchez is back on the scene investigating, just as Ridge and Thorne attempt to get their story straight to protect one another.

Wyatt and Liam arrived to show ‘support’ for their father. I will admit Wyatt seems closer to Bill than Liam, but it was in my personal opinion all for show. Wyatt for a second wanted to pounce on Ridge, who looked guiltier than ever. I mean the police didn’t solve the mystery of who shot Bill, but that doesn’t mean those details won’t come back front and center considering he’s now fighting for his life in a hospital bed. Steffy I’m pointing my finger at you because you set the stage of events in motion and now it might come back to bite you in the butt.

There is another story that seems to be brewing, one that has intrigued me to say the least. It involves Quinn and Pam. Pam is ecstatic that Charlie put a ring on it, and Quinn for reasons I cannot fathom to say the least, doesn’t seem to happy. I was joking about Quinn not having a storyline and out of nowhere this bomb drops from the sky. When Pam asked Eric to have their wedding at the Forrester establishment he said yes, but it was Quinn who said NO!

Hmm, what do you have against Pam and why all this hostility all of a sudden. Quinn, we know can go to the extreme, but does she realize Pam is not one to mess around with. Pam wasn’t always sane; I mean she nearly killed Brooke utilizing a bear. We are about to see some interesting dynamics between these two ladies because Pam made threats to Quinn to not ruin her wedding, just as Quinn warned Charlie about Pam’s past misdeeds. Um, Quinn please take a look in the mirror lady you are no saint whatsoever. Eric has found himself in the middle of his late wife’s sister and his current wife.

I will admit the Bill attack is ramping up for something big I assume for November sweeps, but where this Quinn and Pam rivalry heads is perhaps more intriguing to say the least. November sweeps kicks of next week “B&B” fans, I expect it to be a thrill-a-second!