HOLLYWOOD—Bill Spencer, I have to admit the guy is one who never backs down when it comes to getting what he wants, but the great dollar Bill may have finally crossed the line on the “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Not only is this man determined to get his hands on the Spectra Fashions building to build that skyscraper that he just has to have, he has now immersed himself in the drama between Caroline, Thomas and Sally. Yes, we have another love triangle people; it seems to be a consistent trend on the soap to say the least.

When Caroline came begging to her uncle Bill to help her take out Sally Spectra so that she can reunite with Thomas, she never expected Bill to go so low America. Bill after berating Thomas on multiple occasions dropped a false bomb that Caroline is dying! Yes, even I was stunned by that revelation because it’s a stretch, but Thomas is totally buying Bill’s lie. The unfortunate side-effect: Caroline is not too happy. She lashed out at her uncle for admitting such a lie, and refused to go along with the charade. Too bad Caroline, you placed the wheels in motion, and now we’ve reached a point where it’s apparent that Thomas is having second thoughts about his relationship with Sally and in constant focus on reuniting his family because of the change of events.

Granted, all of this madness is unfolding just as Spectra Fashions and Forrester Creations debut swimwear line for a fashion duel in Monte Carlo. Yes, the beautiful city is once again the focal point of plenty of drama. Bill is eager to take down Spectra, but their fashions are impressive and Bill can’t deny the public’s opinion. With all this chaos, Sally is aware of the distance between her and Thomas, just as Katie and Wyatt get closer. Yes, this is very interesting people. Little hints have been dropped in recent weeks of the apparent sparks between Katie and Wyatt and things culminated with Wyatt’s former stepmom sharing a kiss with him.

Yuppers, Wyatt and Katie looks like a hot new couple and it’s kind of odd to say the least, but it could work, maybe I just need to see a bit more interaction to be sold on the deal. The reason I love this storyline so much is because of the ripple effects of the revelation. Brooke will be jealous of course, because no one can be happy besides her; Bill will absolutely be livid at the fact that his son is dating his ex-wife, that will not sit well with Mr. Spencer at all people.

As love blooms for one couple, it has come to a screeching halt for another. Quinn and Eric might be officially over in my book, I don’t see the two reconciling anytime soon, and with Sheila being that constant shoulder for Eric to cry on, the two are only getting closer by the minute, I mean they’ve already shared a kiss! Sheila is working her magic to alienate the family from Eric, even though Ridge made his presence known. His “I’m sorry,” apology fell on deaf ears as Eric disowned his son. Looks like Ridge might have FINALLY crossed the line this time and it will be virtually impossible for Eric to trust him.

Quinn was dropped a whopper this week when Eric decided to serve her with divorce papers. She begged for an opportunity to make things up, but Quinn fails to realize that Eric has been betrayed so many times, I don’t think he has anymore forgiveness in his heart at the point. Quinn was livid and she knows Sheila is at the root of this madness, so the two vixens are bound to cross paths soon and it will be a catfight for the ages. I mean these ladies are crazy, and have gone to extreme lengths in their mission to get the things they want. I’m just waiting for Eric to lash into Katie, Brooke and Ivy for keeping up this charade and not letting him in on the secret they didn’t want anyone to find out about.

Things are without a doubt reaching feverish heights on “The Bold and the Beautiful” soap fanatics!