HOLLYWOOD—I sensed this several weeks back on “The Bold and the Beautiful” when the great Bill Spencer took an epic fall courtesy of his son Liam. However, not in a million years did I ever expect that he would act on his attraction and sleep with his son’s wife, Steffy. Yes, “B&B” fans, Bill Spencer and Steffy Forrester committed the ultimate betrayal, and the ramifications when the truth explodes will be grand. Why? At least Liam confessed to his wife that he kissed Sally, but the fact that Steffy is keeping this tryst from her hubby, will make things all the more damning when the truth comes to surface.

Ok, we COULD maybe cut Steffy a bit of slack considering she was an emotional wreck after learning her husband kissed another woman, especially a woman who Steffy considers her mortal enemy in Sally Spectra. Liam was overcome with joy, but worry at the same time after his wife returned home emotionally fraught. Liam is no idiot, so he will indeed begin to connect the dots as time progresses. However, let’s get back to the possibility that Quinn (I can’t believe I’m saying this), might be the person who uncovers the ruse between Steffy and Bill Spencer.

Now Quinn and Eric are overjoyed that they’ve pushed Sheila out of their lives, but the fact that they’re speaking about her like she is long gone, just gives me the inkling the great villainess is returning and she will unleash wholly hell on Eric, Quinn and their respective loved ones so they should watch out. Speaking of Quinn, I get the feeling that if she learns about Steffy and Bill’s tryst she might go after her former lover, and that would be a devastating mistake.

I mean look what Bill has done to his own son Liam in recent weeks, could you imagine what he would do if Quinn, a woman he despises attempts to bring him down? Bill, I thought this guy would be remorseful about his actions with Steffy, but none the least! If anything he is gloating about it, I mean the smirks on his face, the notion that he wants Steffy to ditch Liam and come back to him proves this guy’s level of arrogance and his ego will indeed be his ultimate downfall. He wants Steffy Forrester and he wants her bad, but when Ridge finds out what his enemy has done, he will flip out.

Now, I will admit Ridge was wrong for kissing his father’ wife, but him and Quinn never went to the next level, Bill has people. That is something you don’t come back from. Bill is about to have a bad year, I mean I can only fathom what he’ll do when he learns about Katie and Wyatt, which I’m surprised Quinn hasn’t already informed Bill about. The woman does indeed have loose lips, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she used that information some way, somehow as leverage. It was an interesting development to see Steffy tinge when Quinn noted she knows her ‘secret,’ she really doesn’t; all she knows is that Steffy stayed at the guest house on the Forrester estate.

So I suspect this will lead to Steffy slipping up and Quinn learning the truth. Now how that plays out with Eric, Wyatt, and others in her inner circle would be of great interest. No matter how many punches he has taken, Bill Spencer is still standing, however, I believe his latest stunt will lead to the biggest downfall on “The Bold and the Beautiful!