BEVERLY HILLS—A new plot of land nicknamed “The Mountain” has been put on the market in Beverly Hills and it is the most expensive piece of land in the area to date. According to the Instagram account of listing agent, Aaron Kirman, the property features 360-views, as well as city and ocean views on clear days.

The land is located on the highest point in the area. The property is listed at $1 billion with 157 acres and possible building space up to 1.5 million square feet.

Secured Capital Property owns the land with falls into the 90210 zip code of Beverly Hills. Kirman has plans to contact a list of known billionaires around the world to sell the land. The nearest neighbor is more than half a mile away from the property.

The Mountain was land that was previously owned by Princess Shams Pahlavi who was a sister of the late Shah of Iran, as well as Merv Griffin. Both previous owners intended to build on the property, but construction plans never transpired.

Kirman is motivated to sell the property and has looked into building a glass cube for potential buyers to view the property. His estimated commission for the billion-dollar plot of land would range around $20 million.