SANTA MONICA—Nearly a week after protesting in front of the Santa Monica City Hall, electric scooter company Bird made a large donation to the community.

The Santa Monica Education Foundation announced on Monday, August 20, that Bird has started a matching grant program, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. For all donations to the Foundation, the company will match until the grant reaches $50,000. Linda Greenberg the Foundation’s Executive Director told Canyon News that the company began matching donations on August 15 and will continue doing so until September 4.

“Every year we look for a community corporate partner to launch a match,” Greenberg told Canyon News. “It’s a great way to start the school year.”

Students head back to school on Wednesday, August 23, Greenberg noted. Greenberg indicate that the money raised by the match grant will go towards programs like arts education in elementary schools, instructional assistants and stretch grants. With stretch grants, principals of school will determine where the funds go – from STEM education, health and wellness, health office specialists and more.

The $50,000 matching grant is not the first time Bird gave to the Santa Monica Foundation. In the last fiscal year, Bird gave $11,500.

Greenberg said there hasn’t been a large community response to the grant match yet, but added that the Foundation has received letters expressing both positive and negative reactions. She indicated the Santa Monica Foundation appreciates the generous $50,000 donation.

“We were thrilled Bird wanted to step up,” Greenberg said. “It’s exciting because it inspires parents and others to give back.”