UNITED STATES—I always found it amazing that New Year’s Eve was not the BIGGEST drinking holiday of the year. I mean it seems everyone is celebrating on that day people. However, you might be surprised that it’s not, and that sales are quite higher during the summer months around holidays like Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Yes, you might say hmm, that seems odd, but if you really take a moment to think about it and reflect it starts to make perfect sense. Why? Well, it’s hotter during the summer months, and plenty people like to indulge in a cool, alcoholic beverage to curb the steamy heat.

With that being said, I could have never imagined I would witness cousins indulge in such a level of alcohol during our Memorial Day weekend celebration. I mean they didn’t have a few alcoholic beverages; they were completely hammered and NOT in a good way people. I mean when you pass out, there is a sign that you have a major problem. I can’t seem to fathom, why people drink with the goal of being so drunk they can barely stand up or hold their composure. That baffles my mind, but it is more common than you think, and that is the problem.

Alcohol should not be used as a substitute to deal with one’s personal or emotional problems. And it’s more troubling if the person indulging in such high doses of alcohol is doing so at such a young age. I don’t care what anyone says, there is NO REMEDY for a hangover! The only remedy is plenty of rest and relaxation. You can’t sleep off over drinking, you might sleep, but when you wake up trust me you are going to feel the effects of that alcohol on your body.

I do believe as adults while one may be of drinking age, it is ok to curb someone’s desire to drink or warn them not to do so at my house or warn them if I CATCH you drinking or driving you will not enjoy the time you spend in the slammer if you get caught by the authorities. I constantly have this debate with family members all the time; you don’t have to have alcohol at family functions to have a good time.

While I’m not against alcoholic beverages at all, it does not have to be an ingredient that is a MUST at any family outing. Some people seem to think so, but that is not the case people. And if you have that logic of thinking, it should already be a sign that a problem is about to arise. Alcohol should be used for socialization purposes in my opinion. Yes, it allows people to let their guards down at times, but when you see a person drowning drink after drink after drink, the lightbulbs should indeed be exploding in your head.

We have a situation here and we need to take the appropriate action to get that person help. Rather its forcing an intervention, having a conversation with the person to see what is troubling them or maybe just ridding the home or their access to alcohol completely; things can be done. I think that last one is of importance. You do have those people, who seem to indulge in the opportunity to drink without having to pay for it. So imagine if you eliminate the opportunity for them to gain access to liquor, beer or wine, how that might change their perspective a bit.

If you’ve had so much alcohol where you can’t remember what transpired or the people who witnessed your binge are informing you that you were so ‘wasted….’ It is indeed time for you to question precisely what you are doing to your body, your mind and your spirit. We’ve heard the saying ‘a little alcohol never hurts anyone,’ but at the same time all it takes is one glass to change someone’s life forever.