CALIFORNIA — This years Halloween fell on what is called a Blue Moon. Blue moons are unique due to their distinctive appearances of occurring approximately every two and a half years. This year the moon was at its highest peak on October 31st at 10:49am.

When there are not one but two full moons within the same month the second is what is referred to as a Blue Moon. This months first full moon fell on Thursday October 1st which is known as the harvest moon and the second on Halloween.

As the moon sat high in the sky the term is founded after its timing rather than its appearance. Based on the astronomical evidence the next Blue Moon will be in August 2023, May 2026, December 2028 and so on. Despite the rare appearance of a Blue Moon every couple of years, a Blue Moon will only fall on Halloween every nineteen years, the next Halloween Blue Moon will not be until October 2039.

Much similar to a full moon a Blue moon will rise in the East and set in the West.

Canyon News has reached out to NASA but no comment has been made before publishing.

The Virtual Telescope Project 2.0 allows viewers all over the world to view the extraordinary occasion. The remote controlled robotic telescope online will display real time online observations via computer, tablet, or computer.