HOLLYWOOD—Tonight’s episode was titled “Family Limitations.” Limitations were abound for Margaret, who has gotten involved intimately with Nucky, only to be mistreated by him, as she has been in the past by others. Nucky’s women are not treated very fairly, as Margaret has learned.

Nucky investigated a boardwalk theft. Leaving threats and wreaking havoc in his wake. Already the boardwalk has started becoming segregated. During the 1920s in America everyone was segregated according to race. Isn’t it amazing that even criminals lived by that one code as well?

Jimmy scored points with Johnny Torrio (Greg Antonacci) in Chicago. Though tonight’s most shocking scene was when Margaret stood up to Lucy. Having become Nucky’s mistress, Margaret was not about to play second place to Lucy. The special agent revealed a secret side of himself to viewers, leaving many wondering what his self-torture is all about. Perhaps it is something to do with his religion? His obsession with Margaret is definitely going to culminate into a showdown between him and the crooked politician Nucky.

Kelly MacDonald who portrays Margaret is truly a superb actress. She’s very charismatic, beautiful and intense in her scenes. She has an authentic-nature as a leading lady. Gretchen Mol rocks in this series, which should revive her career as well.

The episode was written by Howard Korder, an directed by Tim Van Patten. “Boardwalk Empire” airs Sunday nights on HBO at 9 p.m.