GRIFFITH PARK—The body of a man was discovered beneath a high voltage transmission tower in Griffith Park on Wednesday, September 11 around 1 p.m.

Officials arrived at the 5600 block of Zoo Drive and Griffith Park Drive where the body was found. The cause of death was believed to be the result of electrocution. After further investigation, it is now unclear what circumstances led to the man’s death. The age of the victim could not be determined.

A helicopter was summoned by the Los Angeles Fire Department to remove the body from the remote area. Officials decided that the use of a helicopter was too dangerous due to the steep grade and high voltage wires above the area.

The Los Angeles Fire Department Search and Rescue Team were sent to retrieve the victim on foot, encountering difficult terrain and poison oak as they headed toward the body.

According to the LAFD, there were not any witnesses, bystanders or family members to provide additional details on the incident. Officials are still investigating the cause of the man’s death.