HOLLYWOOD—“The Bold and the Beautiful” delivered an epic shock to audiences a few weeks ago when they revealed the big secret that Maya (Karla Mosley) had been keeping. When her sister Nicole arrived in town, it took Maya by surprise and it led to a revelation that quite frankly blew my socks off. Maya was born a male and is transgender.

Not in a million years did I ever expect a daytime soap to deliver such a twist to audiences, but I thought it was quite neat. It sheds a bit of light on the transgender issue in America, but also gives the audience a chance to see some of their favorite actors take their acting skills to new heights.

Maya’s secret has been discovered by Carter, who was left reeling by the news. Not only was he intimate with Maya, but he was so close to marrying her before she broke his heart. You’d think out of vengeance he’d reveal the news to everyone, but he has a conscious; he knows the fallout will be epic and will cause ripple effects at Forrester Creations.

It seems like the entire world is public enemy #1 for Rick Forrester who has been on a tirade since discovering that his wife Caroline and cheated on him with Ridge, the brother he despises. Not only is Ridge determined to take down his younger brother, he is determined to reclaim his post as CEO of the company. A position he think his father robbed him of.

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of the Spencer clan trying so damn hard to manipulate Nicole using Wyatt’s charm to get the goods on Maya. I mean flirting is one thing, but what happens if it goes to the next level, and Nicole is seriously hurt by everyone’s actions? Not sure those characters are thinking about those things.

The big fallout will come when Maya’s secret is revealed to all. Hmm, with May sweeps right around the corner I have a feeling a few others will discover what Maya wants no one to discover. However, it will be the revelation to Rick that will likely produce the most fireworks. Can you imagine how he will react to the news? How about his mother Brooke or his father Eric?

I can only imagine the heartbreak Mosley will infuse in her character having to explain her actions. Jacob Young may have been robbed of a Daytime Emmy this year, but I have reason to believe both him and Mosley could be strong contenders next year depending how the revelation is presented to the viewer.

The writers might want to be careful not to drag this secret out too long, as it can soften the impact in the viewer’s perception. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS.