HOLLYWOOD—Hands down the prize for best November sweeps goes to the ABC soap “General Hospital.” The soap has been firing on all cylinders people. Long held secrets finally being unveiled, villains and heroes emerging and lives hanging in the balance. Of course, the explosion at The Floating Rib is the big tale, but we have to talk about a few things that transpired before that.

Let’s start with viewers finally getting confirmation (I think) that Nelle Benson is actually Nina Reeves long-lost daughter. Nina’s former nurse revealed the baby was given to a couple in Florida and that the pendant was given to the child. We know Nelle had it, but the question remains is rather Nelle is truly dead or could there be a twist to the story that the audience doesn’t know about? I mean they found a body, but the audience has not physically seen one.

Carly found the necklace on Avery and was in shock, just as she asked Jax to keep mum who was nervous about keeping a possible game changer to the woman he has fallen for. Jax was quite apprehensive, but he is keeping the secret for now and Nina has seemed to close that door on locating her long lost daughter. In other news, Peter and Maxie seem to think the threat of Alex Devane is over, but I sense that is not the case. The Peter being exposed tale seems to be a on backburner for now, but Dante was reaffirmed to complete the mission courtesy of his doctor who arrived in Port Charles.

Peter seems to be nervous that Jason Morgan is coming after him, and he should be especially if Jason learns Peter was responsible for his brother, Drew’s death and that he framed Sam for Shiloh’s murder. Death could be knocking at Peter’s door sooner than later people. The long held secret about Chase and Sasha faking their fling has come to light! Yes, after Sasha overdosed as a result of Cyrus peddling his drugs, Chase spilled the truth to Willow, followed by Carly letting Michael in on the truth.

To say that Willow and Michael’s worlds just exploded is an understatement. Why? The people they were in love with were still in love with them and faithful people. This only makes the situation worse because Michael and Willow slept together and Chase got a glimpse of that firsthand. Yeah, this is just ugly and unfortunate and I don’t know where Sasha, Michael, Willow and Chase go from here.

However, let’s get back to the main of the hour: Cyrus Renault. When Cyrus first arrived on the scene, I did not see him as a threatening presence, but this guy now has his grip on PC and its residents. I mean he has those glimmers of rage that shake you because it’s great acting people. Cyrus has his claws in so many people, it’s frightening as hell. Dr. Britt being one of them, who is on edge with all the people dying from overdoses. She has built a relationship with Jason Morgan of all people who sees an angle to potentially neutralize Cyrus.

With that said, Britt was stunned when her bestie Brad was wheeled into the hospital after being stabbed. Connect the dots to that little secret Julian has about Brad knowing he was in on Wiley being Michael’s child and responsible for that crash that nearly killed Lucas. Cyrus is smart, he wants to have all the leverage which means taking about Brad and Britt (who doesn’t even know it), works to his advantage. This only led to more chaos as Julian wanted to skip town, but Cyrus wanted him to place a bomb at The Floating Rib to take out Jason Morgan, too bad, Cyrus had no idea of all the other lives that would be impacted, Danny, Cameron, Dev, Lulu, Dustin, Franco and Elizabeth.

Yes, that is correct, Cyrus may have had a target, but it looks like he will miss based on spoilers and this silent war being mobsters is about to explode and in epic fashion. Why? Julian just placed his grandson’s life in danger doing Cyrus’ bidding. Yeah, those rumors about the character Julian Jerome seeing a bloody exit, looks like it will become more of a reality. Making matters worse he told Cyrus that Taggert is alive! So all this chaos is about to explode and in epic fashion people.

Sam is already livid with Alexis and her drinking implemented an intervention with Valentin, Molly and Diane’s assistance, but the news of the explosion sent her into a panic, so now Julian will be in the hot seat, and Ava, sorry, but not sorry, you cannot save your brother on this one. You lost Kiki and it looks like you might be losing Julian next as a result of all his bad choices. Nikolas covering on the Ryan hit was a flub that Sonny saw right thru people.

No more waiting about who will live and who will die as, Dev and Dustin were the casualties of the explosion. Really gut-wrenching for Lulu because Dustin had just proposed marriage before that explosion transpired. This does open the door for her and Dante, but it will take a time for that healing process to transpire.

The war between Laura and Cyrus is about to reach new heights, and it could be the result of Laura killing a man when she was a minor, one by the name of David Hamilton. Hmmm, start speculating fans as to what happened in the past and how this guy could be linked to Cyrus, I thinking his father people.

Oh, this is getting good PC fanatics, and it seems Julian sees the walls closing in on him. Ava has warned her brother to get out of town NOW, Sam suspects Julian is hiding something and it’s just a matter of time before the truth is exposed, I expect a murder mystery coming soon America.