HOLLYWOOD─He has perhaps been the unluckiest guy when it comes to love in the soap arena. I’m referring to Brady Black on “Days of Our Lives.” Rather it was Chloe, Teresa, Nicole, Eve or Kristen, Brady has always been burned or received the short-end of the stick. Well, it has transpired yet again, this time he was happy in love with Kristen, but the baby bombshell knocked Kristen off her rocker, who nearly killed Victor and was forced to take Rachel and live a life on the run.

It is one thing to be hoodwinked over the fact that your daughter was dead when she was alive, but to have your own family to play a role in the deception that is a new low people. I mean Victor prods himself on being the noble family man, but when it comes to family only Maggie is front and center. As a result, Brady has embraced a side of himself that has always existed: a dark side. I mean we witnessed this when he forced Nicole out of town and her initial chance at love with Eric. Yeah, it was cold, but Brady didn’t like the fact that Nicole was secretly screwing him over behind his back.

So there have always been hints of darkness by Brady, but now he’s fully embraced it. So has Sarah. Yes, Sarah and Brady have aligned to get their revenge on Victor and Xander. For Sarah it might be the most devastating blow. I mean not only did she lose her daughter, but she lost the man she thought she was going to marry. Sarah still has a torch for Xander, which complicates things, that is until she learned that Kristen initially planned to still her embryo and implant it into herself with Xander’s help. That was until Brady dropped that bomb on Sarah.

It only further infuriated her hatred for the man she thought she loved, and the ultimate revenge to bring down Titan from the inside was underway people. I would be lying if I told you I was not intrigued with this storyline. The other Salem news as discussed last week was wedding fever as three couples were engaged, with a  fourth on the way between Justin and Kayla. Kayla should be happy, but Steve is not ready just yet to give up on his one true love people, and let’s all agree, Kayla and Steve belong together.

All is not going to end well here people, especially with kooky Claire back in the mix. Remember she lost it as she tried to murder her aunt Ciara, yeah, the age think totally makes no sense, but this is how it panned out people. Once again the storyline in Ciara and Ben’s relationship involves someone threatening to kill the other, how about we throw another character into the mix to create a love triangle people? Claire has met a friend while away, Gwen, Jake’s ex, who as he has lightly put it, is off her rocker.

In addition, it looks like Gabi has found herself on the receiving end of a threat, who wants her neutralized, just as the focus has shifted fully towards uncovering more secrets from Jake’s past that he does not want the rest of the world to know just yet. Gabi is missing and Jake has a pretty good idea who may have kidnapped the town’s pariah.

In other romance news, it looks like a romance could be brewing once again between Hope and Rafe. Yes, we always think of Hope with her one true love Bo Brady. Bo died, and the writers did slowly push Hope into the arms of Rafe, which caused missed feelings at first with many viewers, but as time moved along Hope and Rafe as an item worked. It wasn’t shoved down our throats overnight it was a slow move and that is important in daytime TV.