HELLO AMERICA!—One might still believe that artists or creative types are only interested in posing in front of a camera in Hollywood, but this is proving to be totally untrue everyday. There are those actors, writer, directors who are interested in improving life in every challenging way. 

Some are investing time in working with young talented kids in our public schools, there are those who are spending hours in the low income areas of Los Angeles giving assistance in feeding those who can’t help themselves and the list goes on and on. Terrance Bell whose passion had been geared towards music and producing recordings is one of those people who discovered another passion.

Without a doubt, the 21st century is a playground for tech startups and venture capitalists that are all clamoring to get in on the action. Billions of dollars have been raised to fund all types of network-driven platforms, therefore; it’s no wonder the social media market has exploded all over the place and continues to show increased growth. One new startup showing immense potential, BRIGHTMINDS Social, is a network capturing entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and all those who are on the road to success.

Though Brightminds hasn’t been around long, the company has already sparked several mouth-watering buy-out offers as well as having caught the attention of big media, rival Internet companies and courted by deep-pocketed VC’s who believe that this particular network has certain amplified drivers and other components that make a good recipe for success.   “We value people. They are the only appreciable asset. It’s clear as day, social media isn’t so social nowadays. We see more and more people across the web offering their talents, services, goods, wears and showcasing themselves which is a tremendous show of personal power and courage, and we intend to capture them all”, says Brightminds founder, Terrance Bell.

Anytime you involve human endeavors of personal achievement and extraordinary challenges, it seems to transcend all boundaries and all walks of life. Generation X and Y is a generation that wants to be known, recognized in some way for their own ability to be and do whatever they wish. We are living through an era of unprecedented change that spells freedom and opportunity for those achievers who are determined to thrive, not just survive.

The economic climate for entrepreneurship is lukewarm, and opportunities beckon. Those who dare to dream of playing a major role in business or wearing a crown of prince-hood representing success because they dared to move beyond the unimagined.

It has already been acknowledged that “wealth building” is an addictive sport where one seems unable to resist the taste of winning the medal of green, representing power and personal and community status. It’s not surprising that the ultimate Brightminds community of thinkers and doers will be able to navigate to each other, populating and forming their own community of those who dare to think and believe that anything is possible.

Of course, the actual force of this network of daring, creative Brightminds truly has potential to extend globally, impacting new ideas and thought, separating those who dare to plunge ahead from those who exist in a satisfied safe box of nothingness.

Brightminds network opens the door of possibilities and new understanding of why we’re here, and “how-to” get it done amongst a community of likeminded individuals who all share a common goal to become successful.   And like other networks, the script enables new users to create their own profile, explore the community and share ideas with other entrepreneurs and networks.  The idea that you can actually play a role in the building of this kind of next level network is truly overwhelming.

It takes guts, imagination, deep thought and determination but wait, isn’t this how some of the greatest advancements were achieved down through history! Brightminds Social can be a source to reckon with.