MALIBU—The Hills star Brody Jenner posted on Instagram a picture showing him and friends on the beach Friday, May 15, sparking major backlash from fans.

Jenner, son of Caitlynn Jenner and public icon for his career as a television personality, posted a picture sitting close to friends on a Southern California Beach, many fans have speculated to be Malibu, with the caption: “Happy Friday.”

California has recently loosed up restrictions made due to the Coronavirus crisis, but Los Angeles County specifically outlined in their regulations where all beach activity is open strictly for recreation purposes (i.e. exercise) and by maintaining the safe physical distance.

The City of Malibu have continued to leave their piers and parking lots closed. These regulations prevent loitering and sunbathing at this current time.

Fans were quick to comment on Jenner’s post showing their disapproval.

One follower wrote “This is so irresponsible. Especially when you have such a large platform,” while another took to poke at Jenner using his wealth as a celebrity:

“Welp I guess money can buy you immunity.”

Another fan commented: “Guess the corona virus lockdown and restrictions only apply to us regular people huh.”

Jenner has yet to respond to the comments or released a statement about him breaking the outlined regulations.